How to activate Microsoft Dynamics 365 in GetResponse? MAX

You can connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your GetResponse account to synchronize the contact database between platforms.

To activate Microsoft Dynamics 365 in GetResponse:

  1. Go to Integrations and API.
  1. Find Microsoft Dynamics 365 and click on the Connect button.
  1. Provide the following details in the popup window:
  • MS Dynamics version
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • CRM Environment Address
  • Authority Server URL

How to find MS dynamics version?

This activation instruction covers the online MS dynamics version. Please select online from the dropdown list.

How to find Client ID?

To find your Client ID:

  1. Access Microsoft Azure.
  2. Click on the App registrations tile.
  1. Click on + New registration and create it.
  1. The new registration will be listed on the App registrations page.
  1. Copy the Application (client) ID and paste it to the Client ID field in your GetResponse account.

How to find Client Secret?

To find Client Secret:

  1. Click on Application (client) ID name on the App registrations page.
  2. Go to Certificates & secrets.
  1. Click on + New client secret.
  2. Add a client secret window will open. Fill out the Description and Expires fields. A new client secret will be listed under Client Secrets.

Note: The value will be hidden if you leave the page. You won’t be able to see the value again. Make sure you copy the value before you leave the page.

  1. Paste the copied value to the Client Secret field in your GetResponse account.

How to find CRM Environment Address?

To find your CRM Environment Address:

  1. Go to your Dynamics 365 account.
  2. Copy the URL up to the slash from your browser search engine.
  1. Paste the URL to the CRM Environment Address in your GetResponse account.

How to find API CRM version?

To find your API CRM version:

  1. Go to your Power Platform administration center panel.
  2. Click on the Environments tab.
  3. Select your environment.
  4. Under Version you will see a string of numbers. For example, if the string of numbers starts with 9.2., then this is your API CRM version.
  5. Select your API CRM version from the dropdown in your GetResponse account.

How to find Authority Server URL?

To find Authority Server URL:

  1. Go to Azure and click on Azure Directory tile.
  1. Copy Tenant ID.
  1. Go to your GetResponse account.
  2. In the Authority Server URL field paste the URL in the following format: + directoryId. Use Tenant ID for directoryId.

To finish the activation process, you need to create App User in your CRM.

  1. Go to your Dynamics 365 account.
  2. Click on Settings and select Security from the dropdown menu.
  1. Access Users.
  1. Click on Enabled Users. A dropdown will open. Select Application Users from the dropdown.
  1. Application Users page will open. Click on +NEW.
  1. New User window will open.

Note: open another tab and access Microsoft Azure.

In your Microsoft Azure account:

  1. Go to App registrations.
  1. Click on Overview.
  1. Copy Application (client) ID.

Note: once you’ve copied your Application (client) ID, go back to your Dynamics 365 account to finish the activation.

In your Dynamics 365 account:

  1. Paste the Application (client) ID to the Application ID field.
  1. After a few moments, all the fields will fill out automatically. When they do, click on Connect.

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