Where can I find my list settings?

To get to list settings:

  1. Click on Contacts in the Dashboard toolbar to navigate to the Contact lists.
    Location of Contacts indicated
  2. On the Contact lists page, hover the mouse pointer over the Actions menu on the right to expand the list.
    Actions menu indicated
  3. Select Settings to open the List settings. You can now start editing your list details.

What details can I edit in list settings?

From the List settings page, you can review and edit General, Subscription, and Confirmation message details associated with your list. Click on the headings to see the details that interest you.

Click on General if you’d like to:

  • edit the list name
  • view the list token and ID
  • add or edit list title and list description
  • select a category for the list
  • select the language for the list and all the list-related resources
  • choose if you’d like to display the address in a message footer
  • add a logo
  • find the RSS feed link for the list

Click on Subscription if you’d like to:

  • choose if and where you’d like to receive subscription notifications
  • edit double opt-in settings
  • preview the confirmation pageand choose where to host it,
  • previewunsubscribe, and unsubscribe success pages, as well as the newsletter directory
  • turn off search engine indexing for your newsletters.

To learn more how to edit these details, go to How can I edit the subscription settings for my list.

Click on Confirmation message if you’d like to:

  • select the message format
  • select or customize the subject line
  • select from and reply-to addresses
  • select the message template and add additional text to the template
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