Ad network

An ad network is a platform that connects advertisers and publishers to facilitate the buying and selling of online advertising space. It acts as a middleman, serving as a marketplace where advertisers can reach their target audience by displaying their ads on various websites or mobile apps.

Ad networks offer a range of benefits for both advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, they provide access to a wide network of websites and apps, allowing them to reach a larger audience and increase brand visibility. Ad networks also offer targeting options, allowing advertisers to specify their desired demographics, interests, or browsing behavior of the audience they want to reach.

On the other hand, publishers benefit from ad networks by monetizing their website or app traffic. By joining an ad network, publishers can display ads on their platforms and earn revenue based on the number of impressions or clicks generated. Ad networks handle the technical aspects of ad delivery and optimization, making it easier for publishers to manage their advertising inventory.

Ad networks typically use various ad formats such as display ads, video ads, native ads, or in-app ads. They may also employ different pricing models, including cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), or cost per action (CPA). The revenue generated by ad networks is usually shared between the network itself, the publisher, and sometimes the technology provider or data provider involved in the process.