A Lifeblood of the
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I’ve tried a lot of different systems & I’ve come to the conclusion that you are the best. GetResponse is the best, by far."

Pamela Moss,
Life Coach, Owner

The best by far

Pamela Moss is a life coach who works with private clients and companies, provides mentorship for individuals, teaches group programs, and hosts events and webinars. As an online entrepreneur, Pamela needs a good, supportive system behind her business. In search of the perfect partner, Pamela tried many different providers like ConstantContact, InfusionSoft, etc., but found they either lacked certain features, were too complicated to use – or simply too expensive. Pamela eventually found GetResponse through a personal recommendation and has stayed on ever since.

You have the ability to do all the stuff like anyone else, but it’s much less complicated and much cheaper. You have all the functionalities including landing pages and autoresponders and customer management. You do it all and it’s very affordable, and you have amazingly awesome tech support.

Pamela Moss

A strong support system

Pamela absolutely loves the support she receives from the GetResponse team. She extensively uses the GetResponse chat and recommends her employees do the same whenever they are stuck. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via chat. They are quick to reply and always helpful. .

You’re available all the time! That’s rare in the online world, so big kudos! And that in itself is something that will keep me loyal forever.There’s always someone who knows what they’re doing and they’re available 24/7. It doesn’t get better than that.

Pamela Moss

Besides a particularly good technical and customer support team, GetResponse also encourages feedback. Pamela loves that her recommendations have been heard and implemented to enhance the platform and improve user experience.  

I really recommend it to a lot of clients, colleagues, and friends. One thing I also appreciate about you is that you really do listen. I found that really frustrating with other companies. They did not listen – they wouldn’t even reply sometimes!

Pamela Moss

Ideal tools of an online entrepreneur

Pamela uses GetResponse for her email marketing requirements. She loves the functionality of the email creator and editor. She can easily create custom emails from scratch or simply pick from a selection of templates. She can save and store her designs for reuse. She can also add links and other engaging features.

I appreciate that I can make beautiful emails, that you have the functionality to make the emails simply beautiful. I also appreciate that you can see a lot of customer management. You can really see exactly what clicks there are. I also appreciate that I can really segment my list, as that’s super important.

Pamela Moss

Pamela schedules and sequences her emails using autoresponders. Setting up automated welcome, follow-up, and nurturing emails and newsletters are a big energy and time saver for Pamela. She rests assured knowing her emails are being sent out at her chosen time and reaching the inboxes in her specific list.  

I love how I can do a lot of things that not a lot of email editors can do. I love that I can set up autoresponders and in the new editor, it’s even more streamlined than it was before.

Pamela Moss

Pamela enjoys the list management tools. She can segment her email data into separate lists to appear more relevant to her audience, thus getting more engagement and conversions. The flexibility to send an email to one person, several people, or entire groups/lists is important for Pamela’s business. She uses email analysis and key metrics to determine what content and emails work with her different lists. Based on performance reports, she can then adapt her campaigns to fit her audience to drive more conversions.

Pamela absolutely loves the landing pages. She uses templates to design and customize landing pages and adds lead magnets and utilizes sales funnels to drive traffic from those pages onto her mailing list.  

GetResponse is the most comprehensive approach to email marketing, and everything related to it that I found any company does. And its extremely dedicated and awesome support team is available 24/7 to solve any problem you have … and they’re also not expensive!

Pamela Moss

GetResponse offers Pamela a pool of resources that help grow her audience and monetize her business, while saving her time and energy.

Tools used to get results

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor – Create custom emails, websites, landing pages, or campaigns using this code-free creator with easy functionality and full flexibility. 

  • Email Analytics – Monitor the performance of your emails and campaigns through automated reports and key metrics. Track click-throughs and open rates in real-time. 

  • List Building – Use landing pages or forms featuring lead magnets to collect customers information. You can save and divide customer data into separate lists for updates, promotions, and other business uses.

  • Predesigned Templates – Choose from an endless collection of ready-made templates that are professionally designed by marketing experts, available for every marketing goal.

Benefits for customers

  • 24/7 customer support

    Ask a question or solve an issue at any time via the 24-hour live chat available in eight languages.

  • Affordable

    Simple, competitive pricing without purchasing add-ons for full functionality. With no hidden costs and advanced features, GetResponse is truly value for money!

  • Complete online marketing solution

    A multifunction solution that seamlessly combines several tools in one platform to save you time and achieve your goals.

  • TIme-saving

    Spend valuable time and resources on core aspects of your business by automating emails, campaigns and simplifying online marketing.

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