Getting Your Voice Heard with the Right Marketing Tools

There’s something really amazing about crafting a really great message and putting it out in the world and suddenly making a bunch of sales. That’s freaking cool!"

Cindy Ashton,
TV Host, Singer, Voice Coach

Creating a smooth customer journey

Cindy Ashton is an award-winning TV host, who also sings, speaks, and performs in front of live audiences. When she’s not performing, she works as a performance coach to help clients become great presenters of their business and successfully market themselves and their business.   

GetResponse is the go-to place to really develop those customer relations … to be in touch with your prospects and your following, and to be able to do it in a way that’s easy. Once you’ve got yourself set up, it’s super easy.

Cindy Ashton

Cindy believes online marketing is key in her field. When Cindy performs, she networks with different people across different industries, cultures, and backgrounds, and online marketing allows her to stay in touch with all of them  – fans, customers, businesses, potential clients. Using GetResponse, Cindy is able to nurture her audience and create an engaging customer journey and experience for them. Cindy says that GetResponse has not only kept her connected and relevant, but also helped her grow her business and monetize it.  

Intuitive and supportive

There are two great things about GetResponse. One, it’s intuitive. If you want email marketing, you can click on email marketing to create your newsletter and you can just do the steps. It’s easy.

Cindy Ashton

Cindy has been with GetResponse for several years now and is dedicated to staying loyal because of how user-friendly the platform is, and how helpful the support is. She explains how she prefers GetResponse over any of its competitors because it is accessible, and the team is really helpful.  Cindy tells us how over the many years that she has been with GetResponse, she’s always felt like a partner and always connected with the support team. She loves that customer support is extremely helpful and quick to reply.  

And two… The fact that you have customer service that is about caring for other humans makes me very loyal as a customer. …I always get an excellent response. I’ve always felt that GetResponse people, your customer service, actually cares about me as a person… It never felt like a transaction. And for me, that’s huge!

Cindy Ashton

Robust, time-saving tools

Cindy uses the email creator and drag-and-drop editor features to create professional-looking newsletters with just a few clicks. By selecting from a wide selection of ready-made templates available for every occasion or goal, Cindy saves vast amounts of time on her email marketing. She simply edits the templates to match her brand colors and marketing goals and saves her designs for future reuse.  

What I love about GetResponse is that it is easy to use, and that’s really important. I love your templates. Your newsletter templates are easy to use and make it super easy to rinse, and repeat, and reuse them – just drag boxes and fill them out. It’s very intuitive and visual.

Cindy Ashton

Another feature that Cindy swears by, are autoresponders because of how time-saving and efficient they are. She loves scheduling her newsletters for a predetermined time, and not having to worry if they reached her list. While she admits there’s a learning curve with them, Cindy describes how GetResponse has helped her learn new tools through its educational resources and chat support. 

 Her new favorite is the latest chat window that Cindy can add to her web pages. This feature lets her stay connected to her audience in real-time, leading to more engagement and conversions.  

I’m loving your chat! I am excited to see you add new features. (…) It’s fun to see it on all my websites. I am excited to see it grow, in terms of functionality. And oh, it looks so good on my website! OMG, it’s so cute!

Cindy Ashton

With the support of such a great system and its selection of tools, Cindy credits GetResponse for helping her impact lives while still making money, which she says is “the best of both worlds!”  

Tools used to get results

  • Autoresponders – Introduce, follow-up, communicate and connect with your audience automatically. Setting up prescheduled and sequenced emails on a particular time saves time and energy, and results in high open rates.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor – Create custom emails, websites, landing pages, or campaigns using this code-free creator with easy functionality and full flexibility. 

  • Live Chat – Chat directly with your customers in real time to keep them well-informed and make more sales. Update your chat availability & status for your customers and get chat notifications in real-time.

  • Web Push Notifications – Boost your website traffic and conversions. Share notifications to engage your list with relevant updates. Trigger notifications based on specific user behavior on your website.

Benefits for customers

  • 24/7 customer support

    Ask a question or solve an issue at any time via the 24-hour live chat available in eight languages.

  • Complete online marketing solution

    A multifunction solution that seamlessly combines several tools in one platform to save you time and achieve your goals.

  • Easy to use

    An intuitive interface that is simple, easy to learn, and comes with 24/7 support.

  • Engaging customers

    Send targeted content to select lists of subscribers for higher clicks, opens, website visits and sales conversions, and overall higher engagement.

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