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You no longer have a choice whether you do online marketing or not. It’s just a matter of how well you show up."

Sharvette Mitchell,
CEO, Mitchell Productions

Sharvette Mitchell

Set up for sustainable success

Sharvette Mitchell is the CEO of Mitchell Productions, focused on offering marketing, visibility, and branding services for small business. As a marketing coach, she offers group coaching as well as one-on-one consulting to businesses and entrepreneurs, especially aiming at female-run businesses. Sharvette has been full-time in this industry for more than three years, but she started part-time as a “dualprenuer” more than 10 years ago. 

Jump out there, you can do it – and GetResponse is a great tool to help support you!

Sharvette Mitchell

Sharvette saw how it facilitated the growth of her business and delivered a quantifiable success rate. She’s been a satisfied GetResponse user for eight-plus years now.

I have used some other competitors. And I would say that the flow of GetResponse just feels more modern, more intuitive … whereas I had to think a lot in some of the other places. I had to think about where I’m going, what I’m doing, but with GetResponse it just feels like a great flow.

Sharvette Mitchell

Abundance of userfriendly tools

Sharvette uses numerous GetResponse tools and features in her online marketing and coaching business.  

She emphasizes how easy and quick it is to use landing pages in GetResponse. Starting with choosing from a library of templates, the simple drag-and-drop feature allows her to edit and customize the page catered toward her goals. Since the templates are inspired by real-life needs and practices, and they’re professionally designed by marketers, she does not need to worry about the layout and flow – and they never fail to generate leads and attract new customers.

GetResponse has amazing templates, so you are not starting from scratch. You have a template, and you can move things around and adjust them as you need. (It) can really help somebody who may feel a little nervous about the tech side of things.

Sharvette Mitchell

Though Sharvette has a tech background, she insists that GetResponse is very user-friendly. The features are easy to learn and simple to use with only a few clicks.  

Moreover, Sharvette found how helpful the free video tutorials and customer support team are, and how easy it is to set up another account as a multi-user.

GetResponse also comes with built-in APIs to make it effortless to connect with other apps and systems.   

I also love that it integrates with some of the other systems and tools that I use. So, I have a payment system that I can integrate with the way I want. When someone makes a payment, they get dropped into one of my listings on GetResponse.

Sharvette Mitchell

The golden feature

Sharvette Mitchell’s favorite feature is absolutely the autoresponder.  

I love the autoresponder feature. (…) I can automate, go in, and schedule, preschedule emails.

Sharvette Mitchell

With the autoresponder, Sharvette can not only preschedule her emails, but also sequence automatic resends or responses that are triggered at her chosen time. She can pick which list of subscribers her emails go out to, making sure she always stays relevant to her customers.  

I feel very secure with the platform. I haven’t seen downtime that was noticeable to me when I log in. (…) It’s reliable and consistent. If I schedule an email, an email goes out and it’s there.

Sharvette Mitchell

Along with the autoresponder feature, Sharvette uses list building and management tools. The customer information she collects from her lead magnets and opt-ins on her landing pages automatically go into her prebuilt lists. By being able to maintain separate customer lists, she can target her audience with different content at different times.   

I also love that you can copy lists, copy email templates, you can duplicate your work. So, I feel like GetResponse makes it easy to get started and change things around as per your needs. So, if there’s something you’ve created just duplicate and copy it for future use.

Sharvette Mitchell

Making more and more sales  

There is a common consensus in the industry that the money is in lists. And so, I can say when I send out emails, money is going to come in. So that really has been the biggest success.

Sharvette Mitchell

Sharvette hosts an annual conference for her clients, and she sends out emails to her list for ticket sales. GetResponse helped her build a massive list and also assisted her in managing it efficiently and closing sales.  

Sharvette asserts that GetResponse is a game-changer in the online marketing business.  

Nurture your list. Talk to them. Not just when you have something to sell, even if it’s offering value like offering a webinar, which can even actually be done through the GetResponse platform.

Sharvette Mitchell

Tools used to get results

  • Autoresponders – Introduce, follow-up, communicate and connect with your audience automatically. Setting up prescheduled and sequenced emails on a particular time saves time and energy, and results in high open rates.

  • Ecommerce Tools – From sales funnels to selling your products online to lead magnets to grow and nurture your email list, GetResponse offers a plethora of marketing tools for monetizing your ecommerce business.

  • Landing Pages Templates – Use professionally designed, mobile-friendly templates that can be customized to your specific goals. Add sign-up forms, lead magnets, and get ready to convert.

  • List Building – Use landing pages or forms featuring lead magnets to collect customers information. You can save and divide customer data into separate lists for updates, promotions, and other business uses.

Benefits for customers

  • Accessibility

    GetResponse has easy-to-use APIs to help you link it to other apps and systems, without complex HTML codes. The GetResponse account can also be easily set up for multiple users.

  • Customization

    Huge catalog of templates for landing pages, websites, newsletters, and forms offers the opportunity to easily create customized targeted campaigns for specific events or goals.

  • Engaging customers

    Send targeted content to select lists of subscribers for higher clicks, opens, website visits and sales conversions, and overall higher engagement.

  • Reliability

    No downtime. Autoresponders, templates or scheduling features ensure you are continuously and consistently engaging with your audience.

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