Lead scoring is an essential marketing technique if your business is selling high value products and services, particularly where the decision is complex leading to a long average time between initial interest and purchase. The lead score gives a measure of how likely an individual prospect is to convert to a customer based on their characteristics indicated by information they give a business via forms or conversations and their behavior like interactions with your website and emails. Lead scoring involves increasing or decreasing a score for an individual prospect based on criteria and rules around the information they give the actions they complete.

6 Lead Scoring Techniques You Should Use With Marketing Automation

Today’s buyers and consumers are increasingly avoiding branded outbound promotions and ads. We skip TV commercials with our DVRs or streaming services. We block digital ads with “Ad blocking” software, or we just ignore them altogether. We delete unwanted promotional emails. We ignore “cold calls” from unknown numbers. And we define anything that looks like promotional mail as “junk” because we throw it all away.

How Marketing Automation Supports Inbound Marketing

If you’re into conversion rate optimization, I don’t really need to introduce Tim Ash to you. But if you haven’t yet heard of him, here’s your chance to catch up – and you definitely should. Author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization, CEO of SiteTuners, expert in landing page testing, Tim will be the guest of our upcoming webinar on increasing landing page conversions with neuromarketing techniques.

On Neuromarketing and Conversions – Interview with Tim Ash [+Webinar]

Re-activating customers who are no longer engaging with your emails should be part of your regular email marketing strategy and factored into your customer lifecycle. It is a fact of life that people will lose interest over time. Although you can reduce that disinterest by working harder to keep people engaged (more on that later), it will happen that people will stop opening your emails. Be ready to re-activate when that happens.

Email Re-Activation Strategies That Will Save You Money

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