Warning: Email Policy Change at Yahoo! May Affect You
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Warning: Email Policy Change at Yahoo! May Affect You

Recently, Yahoo! announced a huge change that may affect how you communicate with your subscribers. All Yahoo! accounts whose holders haven’t logged in for the past 12 months are scheduled to be closed. How will this change impact email marketers? Here are some useful tips on how to continue delivering top notch newsletters without losing out on sales due to this change.

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Here’s the official excerpt from the Yahoo! announcement:

In mid July, anyone can have a shot at scoring the Yahoo ID they want. In mid August, users who staked a claim on certain IDs can come to Yahoo! to discover which one they got.” (Read the original notification here.)

This means that all Yahoo! users who haven’t logged in to their mailbox for the past 12 months will have their emails deactivated and made available for new registrations.

Doomsday is July 15th

Note that Yahoo! subscribers currently can use more than one domain in their emails:




This also applies to all country domains, so .com, .co.uk, .fr, etc. domains are at risk as well.

Email marketers — time to take action

You may be losing important data when some of your subscribers’ email addresses become invalid. In the long run, delivering newsletters to dead addresses could cause delivery problems and put your campaigns in the junk folder.

But no need to worry. GetResponse is here to help you! With a few tips from our email experts, you’ll stay safe and continue sending email campaigns that sell.

Here’s what to do before July 15th

1. Filter out your old Yahoo subscribers

Go to the Search Contacts section of your GetResponse account and look for all Yahoo! addresses that are subject to the recycling plan.

We recommend creating segments based on subscriber behavior. Filter to find subscribers that haven’t opened any of your messages in the last 12 months.

Yahoo! emails segmentation

Make sure you insert only the yahoo domain in the email field and select the “contains” attribute. This will ensure that you also find local domains such as .mx and .co.uk.

Repeat this procedure for Yahoo! domains ymail and rocketmail.

2. Get in touch with your Yahoo subscribers

This might be your last chance to let your subscribers update their data, change their preferences, or re-subscribe with a different email address.

Encourage these subscribers to log in to their Yahoo! accounts, so they keep their account active and continue receiving your communication. This can be a great way to save part of your list!

3. Use suppression lists

Prior to the July 15th deadline, set up your suppression rules to make sure all Yahoo! subscribers that didn’t log in to their account for 12 months are excluded from future email campaigns.

This is crucial for successful email delivery. Here’s what Yahoo! has to say:

“We will have a 30-day period between deactivation and before we recycle these IDs for new users. During this time, we’ll send bounce back emails alerting senders that the deactivated account no longer exists.”

This could increase your bounce rate, which can lead to deliverability and reputation problems. Rest assured that GetResponse will automatically process these bounces and stop sending to these addresses, as a part of our list-hygiene process.

4. Allow re-subscriptions

Be sure to allow re-subscriptions, so the new owners of the affected email address can subscribe to your lists.

Example: The owner of address jon.doe@yahoo.com is on your list but they didn’t log in to their account for 2 years. Their email is “recycled” by Yahoo! and becomes available again. The new owner of jon.doe@yahoo.com registers it again and wants to sign up for your culinary newsletter.

At GetResponse, the re-subscription process is already in place, so there’s no need to worry.

5. Stay safe

The change rolls out July 15th, so don’t be late! Make sure you take care of the items in these guidelines as soon as possible.

Got a question? Just post a comment below. Need a word of advice? Reach out to our Customer Success Team anytime. We’ll be glad to help.

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