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If it seems to you that our blog looks somehow different than it did at the end of 2015, then you are absolutely right – at the beginning of this year we revealed a brand new GetResponse Blog. We felt that after a few years our good ol’ “Email Marketing Tips Blog” needed a change. 

Here’s a little flashback to the “old” blog:


So, what made us change things up so drastically?

Firstly, in the last few years our blog has been growing exponentially and we’ve been covering much more than just email marketing. This was a natural reflection of the expansion and maturing of our product – we added Marketing Automation, Landing Page Creator, Image Editor, Webinars, A/B testing, and more. So we realized that the design/layout doesn’t communicate the variety of topics we cover. What’s more, the navigation and searching through the wealth of content was not as clear and simple as it could be, we admit that to that one 😉

Secondly, the technology is changing, content consumption is swiftly moving to mobile devices (and the old blog wasn’t the most responsive one under the sun) – this needed our immediate attention. We decided to make the site as responsive as possible, across all types of devices – from desktops through tablets, to a variety of smartphones.

Now that a couple of months passed and you’ve all accustomed to the new blogs, let us walk you through what really changed:


One, two, and three!

The biggest change you’ll notice immediately is that we’ve actually divided one blog into three. We understand that in order to do successful marketing theses days you need to stay up to date with technology trends, while constantly improving your productivity. You can expect lots of practical and reliable knowledge from us – hey, after all, at GetResponse we too are marketers, managers as well as designers, developers, or HR specialists eager to share our experience.

We’ve added category color-coding – each blog has its own distinctive color – we even built a front page (yup, that’s the main we all love) which displays a stream of posts from all three blogs. Now you can quickly scan through and see all the latest blog posts, immediately identifying their categories. Or from the top menu go directly to one of our blogs.


Tap into the wealth of relevant content easier and faster, having a rich, enjoyable user experience.


Need a hand?

We get that providing lots of great content is absolutely essential, but at the same time we want you to have a great user experience without feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we gave a lot of thought to the search experience on our blog and decided to give it the makeover of a lifetime:


Now you can dynamically search all three blogs at the same time – the results are displayed under Marketing, Productivity, and Technology sections with your search keyword highlighted.

No matter where you find yourself, the search boxes are always available to your right – in the sidebar of the blog.


Customize what you get

buzz_v1You’re busy – we appreciate your time and understand that in the times of information overload you want to only get the content you are really interested in. So, if you are a technology Jedi looking for content to help you become a marketing ninja, you can subscribe to the marketing AND technology newsletter, where you’ll get the latest posts you are in need of. However, why not subscribe to all three blogs and get a triple treat for triple success – we will do our best to surprise you.




A visual feast for your eyes

Adjusting the blog for mobile devices is not only about programming & development but also requires considering such issues as design clarity, typography, and readability. That’s why we’ve chosen a new typeface for our blog – Proxima Nova. Simple, geometric form, with wide shapes plus a large x-height make this typeface very readable at lower resolutions and variety of sizes.


We also use large images for richer, more immersive experience. They adjust to the resolution of your devices



Get exactly what you’re looking for

Sometimes you’re looking for a very specific thing and the search bar won’t do. Need all infographics in one place? No problem! Want to write a guest post for us? There’s a section for that too.


Check out the “Trending Articles” section, in the right sidebar of every blogpost, to see what topics are getting hot on our blog. And don’t forget to click the “More” section (top menu) to access all our infographics, whitepapers, case studies, and webinars we mentioned above.

What if there is a blog author you enjoy in particular? Just click their name and you will be directed to a page displaying all their posts and a short bio.


Challenges to changes

Nothing comes without its price. Our design, content, and front end teams spent many days walking back and forth from one room to another to get every detail just right. From our experience I can tell you that it wasn’t just the redesign that happened, we got a great workout in team work and communication as well!

In sum, what did we change?

  • the responsiveness
  • menu
  • readability
  • page loading time
  • keeping the same user experience across all devices
  • simplicity

Our philosophy is that a design project is not a destination but rather a journey that starts and doesn’t end, as in the constantly changing times we need constant improvements. However, we enjoyed it and are exicted to provide you with a new look.

At GetResponse one of our core values is “Evolve, adapt, and welcome change.” and welcome it on as well!

Got any thoughts? Talk to us in the comments below and give this post a little social media love – we redesigned that as well!


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