How to Use Digital Ads to Grow Your Sales and Revenues [Free Ebook]


Those of us who work in social media on a daily basis know that organic reach has been decreasing for years. As the social networks have become public companies, they’ve become beholden to shareholders… and have been required to find ways to monetize their companies. Enter social advertising, which we, the brands and companies who use social media as a communication tool, have to pay for.  Fortunately, digital and social ads are powerful, and even cost-effective, tools for promoting your products, services, or initiatives.

So, what’s the beauty of social advertising? The targeting! What do Facebook, Instagram, etc., all have to offer advertisers (i.e. you)?  Audience numbers, and targeting capabilities, thanks to all that time people spend on social media. The social platforms track everything people like, follow, comment on, etc., and use that data to enhance targeting.

In this new ebook, you’ll learn the best ways to use social advertising as a way of driving traffic to your website as the first step in the conversion process. What’s the big secret for social advertising?  They’re not all that expensive, if you set up your campaigns properly.

You’ll learn about:

  • The strengths for each platform, so you can make the best choices for your digital campaigns.
  • The kind of advertising options available
  • The steps to take to set up a campaign
  • How to run split tests on a campaign
  • Any special features within the platform to help you track conversions
  • Special tips for success on each platform

If you’re looking for a strong introduction to social advertising, you’ve come to the right place. This ebook will get you started with understanding how ads work on several different social platforms, to get your sales and revenue moving in the right direction.

Download this FREE ebook now, to start learning and grow your sales!


use social advertising to grow your sales

Digital and social advertising is a powerful, and even cost-effective, tool for promoting your products, services, or initiatives. Learn how to use it.

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