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Not so long ago Facebook introduced updates that significantly changed the way your content was presented to the users, and Twitter is just following the Zuckerberg team’s steps. Prepare yourself for more visuals, completely different layout, and new tweet options that can become an opportunity for your business profile. Intrigued? Read on and find out all you need to know.


Focus on pictures

If the first thing that came to your mind when you thought “Twitter” was the 140-character long bit of text, it’s time to change your way of thinking. New Twitter layouts are much more focused on visuals.

The First Lady's profile page

The First Lady’s profile page (as of 2014)

Awkwardly enough, the new Twitter layout resembles Facebook with its profile picture and cover photo, but mind the different dimensions to be used for your new Twitter profile:

  • Profile header photo – the one that used to be displayed behind your profile picture – is now located at the top of the profile page. The optimal dimensions for a profile header image are 1500×500 pixels. In case you don’t have one at hand, you can choose one of the header photos offered by Twitter.
  • Profile picture – this one looks much larger in the new layout, too. The required dimensions are 400×400 pixels. Instead of appearing in the middle of your profile, it will be located on the left-hand side, overlapping with the profile header picture.
  • Takeaway: since the new layout is much more picture-oriented, you can now use images with more details than previously. This gives you new design opportunities when creating your social media visuals!

Apart from your own profile images, other parts of the service are also barely recognizable compared to their previous versions. Check out this “Following” list. Now you know why choosing a captivating profile image works!

Channing Tatum's following list

Channing Tatum’s following list


Photo collages – a new way to tweet your pics

Twitter also launched an exciting way to post your pictures – now you can combine them in a collage (but there’s just one “but” – you need to use an iPhone to have access to mobile version of Twitter). Here’s what you do to create one:

  1. Open Twitter, select the photo icon and choose the first picture.
  2. Once the picture appears as a thumbnail in your tweet draft, tap the photo icon again.
  3. Choose the remaining pictures – you will notice that after you select each picture, a number will apear over it. This is the order of display in a collage 2 – top right, 3 – lower left, 4 – lower right).
  4. Post the tweet! Your followers will see the collage, while all other users can access it using a link inside the tweet.
Oscar winners in @theacademy tweet

Oscar winners in @theacademy tweet

This fun tool lets you create mini albums of connected pictures or even short stories. You wait for the first GetResponse Monster collage :).


Customize your tweets – new options

More visual layout is not all that has changed about Twitter’s new face. Now, it lets you manage your tweets by assorting them to one of these new categories:

  • Best tweets – your tweets that get most replies, retweets or favorites will appear a bit larger on your profile than other tweets. This distinguishes your best content and encourages your followers to interact with it.
  • Pinned tweets – you can promote the content you wish by pinning selected tweets, which will appear at the top of your profile page – just like pinned posts on a Facebook fanpage (what a coincidence!). Just select “Pin to your Profile Page” option in the “More” menu for a particular tweet.
  • Filtered tweets – this option proves useful when you want to browse a particular type of tweets on someone else’s profile. You can select text tweets, photo or video tweets and enjoy them as much as you wish.


Interactive web notifications

Another recently announced Twitter update was the launch of pop-up notifications for those who tweet using their desktop computers. You will be informed about new replies and retweets, new followers or direct messages in your inbox.

The fun part is that new updates will be totally interactive – you can easily follow someone back or reply to your direct message in a snap. We can’t wait to see if this feature works out!


Check out Twitter updates live

Your account probably hasn’t been updated yet. Don’t worry – we still look the same, too. But if you’re curious about the way new Twitter profiles look like, check out this list of new profiles available for all of us to see:


What Twitter says… and how users respond

According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, the social network’s aim is to become more accessible to users globally. The resemblance to Facebook might be just one of the steps to achieve this goal. On the other hand, numerous frequent users started complaining about Twitter’s loss of specific text-oriented look. But those will probably stick to TweetDeck, the Twitter’s tool for managing your profile in a more advanced way.

How do you feel about upcoming Twitter changes? Do you think its visual layout will drive more new users to the site? Share your opinion with us in a comment!

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