How To Take Advantage Of Your Marketing Campaigns As Soon As the Holiday Season Is Over
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How To Take Advantage Of Your Marketing Campaigns As Soon As the Holiday Season Is Over

While many marketers are gearing up for the approaching holiday season, it’s also important to have one eye turned towards 2017. In order to get the year started on the right foot, you need to have a marketing campaign ready to hit the ground running. Nail the first marketing campaign of the year and you’ll have something to build on for months to come.

Six ways to maximize your first marketing campaign of the year

It’s easy to experience the business version of a holiday season hangover. This is especially true if you don’t spend any time planning for the new year and then suddenly have to throw a bunch of things together. With that being said, it’s helpful to plan ahead. Here’s some food for thought on how you can maximize your first marketing campaign of the year.

1) Carry over the momentum

If you’re investing a lot of time and effort into a holiday season marketing campaign, then it’s important that you carry this momentum over into 2017. Try building on the energy you’ve already created and do something to bridge the two campaigns. One way to do this is to host a contest with two parts. The first half of the contest can be held in December, while the second half can be held in mid-January.

2) Do your research

The first step to developing a campaign is to research your target audience. While you’ve probably done research for previous campaigns in the past, remember that your customers are constantly changing.

“Doing a bit of up-front research is important – especially when you think about the time, money, and other resources you’ll likely end up spending over the life of your campaign,” content marketer Rob Wormley says. “You want to make sure you ultimately are able to launch a campaign that will actually stick and reach any goals you set.”

3) Prioritize content

Content needs to be a major priority in your marketing campaign. If you don’t already have a blog, get one set up. If you have a blog but don’t feel like it fits your new strategy, then give it a face-lift. Your blog should serve as the “home base” for your campaign and it should properly reflect content marketing your goals.

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4) Develop a content calendar

One way to prioritize content is by developing a content calendar in advance. Your content calendar should spell out what content will be a part of your campaign and when it will be written, published, and shared. If you skip out on this step, your campaign faces the risk of getting sidetracked or delayed.

5) Try something new

A new year calls for some new things. The great thing about the new year is that your customers are already in a place where they’re open to new ideas. After all, January is a time for personal change and goal setting. Tap into this by giving your customers the opportunity to make a change this year.

6) Set goals and measure

Finally, you have to have very specific goals for your campaign. Not only do goals give you something to strive for, but they also allow you to measure results, so you can find out if what you’re doing is working. Typical goals for the beginning of the year marketing campaign include things related to customer education, building connections, and growing brand loyalty.

It’s never too early to start planning

The holiday season isn’t upon us yet, which can make planning for 2017 seem a little premature. However, the earlier you start planning for the new year, the more value you’ll be able to extract from your marketing campaign.

Over to you

What’s your master marketing plan for 2017? Would you like to share your insights and expertise? Please use the comment section below to share your views and ideas.

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