Retrieve Abandoned Shopping Carts With Marketing Automation [Free Ebook]
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Retrieve Abandoned Shopping Carts With Marketing Automation [Free Ebook]

Picture this: you’re running a successful promotional campaign, you’ve attracted a lot of traffic to your store, gained users’ interest, and got them to add different products to their shopping carts… and then they left without paying, right before the transaction was about to be completed. Sounds like a scene from a horror movie? One with a really bad script but is nevertheless scary? Turns out, it’s nothing like a film. It’s the reality for most ecommerce businesses.

According to Baymard Institute, online buyers abandon an average of 68.83% of their shopping carts. In other words, more than every 6 out of 10 would-be-customers decide to leave the store without paying or completing the order. If you ever wondered what the definition of inefficiency was, that one’s really close.

Cart abandonment is often perceived as one of the biggest headaches of modern online retailers. But for those that are able to fix it, it’s a big opportunity. If you can lower the abandonment rate, even by little, it can have a big impact on your bottom line.

So what are the ways to fix the leaky funnel? How can you reduce the number of incomplete orders on your ecommerce site? If you don’t know just yet, you’re in luck! We’ve decided to explain only the most effective solutions in this newly published e-book called “Using Marketing Automation to Retrieve Abandoned Shopping Carts”.

From this e-book you’ll learn:

  • Why do users abandon their online shopping carts
  • How to use pop-ups to stop your customers from leaving the site
  • How to use an onboarding series to get the users back to your site
  • What are cart abandonment emails and how to use them
  • How to use retargeting to sell more to your customers

You should download this free guide if you want to learn the reasons users abandon online shopping carts, and see how you can fix that on your site quickly.

You’ll see some great examples of brands that are already using Marketing Automation to their benefit – making the most out of their promotional campaigns and not letting their users slip through their fingers.

At the same time, I’m strongly suggesting that you share your thoughts on the solutions that may or may not have worked for you, to reduce the cart abandonment. Let us know what you think and how do you handle this process in your company – we’d love to hear all about it!


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