Join Us in the Social Sharing Revolution


First, we introduced Social Media Integration. Then we launched Advanced Email Analytics. The next step is quite obvious — here comes Social Share Analytics inside GetResponse! Now we’ve given you tools to take control of the velocity and reach of your email campaigns in social media – all from one dashboard.

Up to now, you’ve been able to follow the performance of your email marketing from the Email Analytics dashboard inside GetResponse. You can see who opens your emails, who clicks the links, and who doesn’t read them at all.

Now we’re creating a bigger (and more complete) picture of your email campaigns. You can measure the buzz your campaigns generate across the Web and get to know which social channels are most popular with your audience.




But first…

Before we can give you social stats, we have to capture data. So your first task is to make it easy for your subscribers to share your newsletters.

Did somebody say easy? Hey, easy is what we do best!

Simply add sharing buttons inside your emails to make it easy for your subscribers to share your messages in social media.

As you’ll notice, the “Social sharing” tab inside new Email Creator has grown considerably. There are new share buttons — Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest— and combinations of those sites.

Choose individual buttons or ready-made sets — just drag and drop them into your newsletter template while editing it.


What happens when readers share?

Sharing helps your newsletter circulate outside your subscriber group to resonate with completely new audiences. That’s actually like growing your email list overnight.

Social sharing makes your emails more effective; (remember what we said about social sharing and CTRs?) Isn’t it true that you tend to trust the recommendations of your friends more?

If your audience is engaged enough to share, it means their audiences probably will share too, and the social reach of your emails will grow.

And, the best part is, you can now measure this reach.

Which gets me to the point where I can finally announce: you now have access to your . . .


Social Share Analytics!

Inside your Email Analytics tab is a goldmine of social sharing analytical data to help you find out how your newsletters resonate across the Web.



You can count individual actions on the different social networks and identify the impact of your emails in each network.

You can see the total shares on various platforms – Facebook likes, Tweets, Pins, LinkedIn Shares and +1s. If you share your newsletter on your own Facebook page, you’ll also see how many people clicked “Like” on their walls and what comments they made about it.


And what do you do with that knowledge?

Now, that’s a good question. Until recently, most people didn’t believe social media impact could be measured. Then they didn’t know how to do it. Then they came up with the tools. And now you have them at your disposal.

And how does that help you?

Well, first of all, you can find out what reactions your emails trigger among your subscribers. Do they like them (literally)? Do they find them attractive enough to share with their friends and contacts? What comments do they make about them?

Imagine what this knowledge will mean, in terms of helping you improve and tailor your messages to make them more engaging . . . and more sharable!

You’ll also gain a greater understanding of which social media channels work best for your audience — whether they are Twitter influencers or hardcore Pinners — and where you should be looking for them. This gives you great insight into where to direct your marketing efforts.

And it’s all inside your GetResponse account NOW!


That’s NOT all folks!

Our Social Share Analytics represent the beginning of a social sharing revolution happening right now at GetResponse – and you’ll be hearing more about it soon.

In the meantime — we’re all very excited here about this Social Sharing Statistics feature. But what we really want to know is: What do YOU think? So, go ahead and tell us!

(AND… share this post around! ;))

(AND… go make beautiful, engaging newsletters that your subscribers will share around the Web.)

Then try out the new Social Share Analytics! It’s your ticket to the social sharing revolution at GetResponse.

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