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Increase Engagement Using Ratings and Reviews: Infographic

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Increasingly, consumers base their buying decisions on the hands-on experiences of other users. You can position your brand as trustworthy and reliable by encouraging customers to review and rank your services and products. Our new infographic provides more insights on how to leverage reviews.

According to research, 77% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase decision, and 89% believe online reviews are trustworthy and accurate. The freedom and anonymity of the Internet seems to guarantee the objectivity and genuineness of opinions freely shared.

How to take advantage of this phenomenon?

78% of consumers believe reviews are more credible than ads. So include them in your emails and marketing promotions to increase conversions. A real user’s recommendation also gives you a chance of amazing customer insights – for free!

84% trust social media reviews more than critic reviews. You can encourage your fans and followers to share their reviews in order to boost customers purchase satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Here are a few more tricks for boosting your ROI.

  • Make them visible – place them “above the fold,” near your call to action, and on the product-listings page.
  • Make them easy to read and understand – apply a rating system such as stars or points; allow the reader to filter products by rating.
  • Ask specific questions to get better answers – ask customers to rate specifics such as value, comfort, and quality.
  • Even negative feedback can boost your sales – there will always be a percentage who are dissatisfied with your service; bad reviews let your customers know they can trust your site.

What else is important?

Check our latest infographic for ideas on how customer reviews can boost sales and work for your brand reputation. How do you encourage customers to review your products?

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