5 Tips to Improve Search Traffic Through Email Marketing
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5 Tips to Improve Search Traffic Through Email Marketing

Email marketing can drive remarkable results for your SEO campaigns. Email marketing can be really good for your SEO and thus reflects in an improvement of search traffic to your website. There is no obvious connection between email and SEO because Google isn’t likely to crawl emails to rank your website. Also, having a lot of subscribers doesn’t make you a Google favorite.

Still, it can be confidently said that email marketing is useful for keeping your target audience engaged with your company and thus generating traffic in a way that you can never get through any other method. If you do email marketing well, the results can be highly beneficial for your website ranking.

Let’s look at the best strategies to drive traffic and improve your SEO campaigns.

1. Encourage email engagement

Your email should always have a focus and a way to interact with the recipients. Sending many emails is not the key but sending a resourceful one is definitely going to be better for actual subscriber engagement and website traffic. The successful marketing campaign will definitely attract users to use your website or services.

If you have written some great content about marketing for social media channels, then you can use that content by sending it out to your subscribers or target audience that you think would be interested in reading it. Once you hit the right audience, they will check your blog, and that will add up to a number of views and shares, thus improving ranking and thus reflecting positively on your SEO campaigns.

This can be even enhanced by including an engagement call to action within your email:

  • Encourage users to leave comments in the comment section of your blog and inspire them to tell you what benefits they have from you.
  • You can also refer to a nonprofit that you support and thus encourage users to share the post. It’s a win-win situation.
  • You can also encourage people to interact with you on social media by providing your social links in the email.

2. Encourage website subscribers

As engagement can be enhanced by encouraging users to comment on your posts, but there should be another way of interacting with your company. Instead of relying on simple emails, you should encourage users to subscribe your website. This would help in more user engagement over time.

  • There are few methods to do so, let’s see which those are:
  • When you provide a link to your work in email, you should also make it clear enough that RSS is the way to stay connected with you.

You can likewise ask users to subscribe to your social media platforms in order to stay connected.

3. Create a newsletter sign-up series

This can go a long way towards generating leads and increasing your website traffic, as well as rapidly increasing your subscribers. You should give your subscribers a proper place to signup and then verify their email address to assure the authentication process.  Afterward you should decide on the length of your series.

The series should be good enough to go for 7-14 days with divided content. You can also offer professional translation option for users who don’t understand your primary language. But, the final day should include links to trial, demo or subscription which will automatically turn your new subscribers into buyers.

4. Add a sign-up app

This is great for marketing and adding into your users but if you can’t build your own app, you can run to Facebook for taking care of it. The timeline feature of Facebook offers a lot of features for building apps and they range from email signup form to different pages. It is also very easy to use and understand. You can also apply customization options for your brand and give it the right look and feel, consistent with your brand.

And if you are on WordPress, you can make use of several list building plugins for your blog that will help you build list effortlessly. Just in case you didn’t know, GetResponse has their own WordPress plugin, too.

5. Offer a free subscription

Another amazing way to get users to become your subscribers is by offering free subscriptions to your product, newsletter, and blog. This will not only increase your website traffic but will be great for your SEO too.

People in general love free stuff, so it is a great way to attract users by offering something that users will find useful.

In conclusion

Email marketing and SEO, by normal measures, don’t work together hand-in-hand. But if you think outside the box a little bit, you can see where they are great complements, and how successful email marketing can also benefit your search traffic. Have you tried any of the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post? How did they work for you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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