How to Make Your Sign-up Forms Smart, Simple, and Lovable
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How to Make Your Sign-up Forms Smart, Simple, and Lovable

Growth hackers, online marketers, entrepreneurs, web designers – we’re all trying to find the silver bullet that will grow our list and maximize conversions. At the end of the day, these numbers have a huge impact on how effective our marketing activities are. OK, but is there an ultimate tip for a successful form?

Since we’ve just launched our brand new form builder (more details in the post), we’ve decided to put together some best practices and cool tips that can help you improve your sign-up process.

So we asked marketers on Twitter…

… about their tips for a successful sign-up form. And we got some very interesting feedback.

Use pop-ups

Daniel Hebert

Daniel Hebert @DanielGHebertDigital Marketing Manager at

Pop-ups and lightboxes are highly effective in minimizing bounce rate and growing your list. Why? Because they help engage visitors and keep their attention. Together with smart copy, attractive design, and a good incentive, they can be a conversion optimizer’s secret weapon.

If you’re using GetResponse, you can now use one of our new List Builder Apps to create smart pop-ups and lightboxes that respond to visitor actions. These include:

  • Scroll forms that are great for blogs and pages with a lot of text. They’ll make it easier to turn blog readers into subscribers.
  • Download boxes that allow you to share your e-books and other content in return for an email address.
  • Exit pop-ups help minimize bounces, and might give you that last chance to convince your visitors to stay connected.
  • Shake boxes, image boxes, and fixed bars at the top of your page help capture the eyes of the busiest visitors.

For more sign-up form examples and tips check this in-depth infographic.

Keep it simple and light

David Materazzi

, Online Marketing Consultant


Make it short and sweet. Ask for necessary information but don’t overwhelm your visitors with too many fields – this might discourage them from signing up. Start with the crucial data and build your subscribers’ profiles as you go, asking them questions, sending surveys or tracking their behavior.

And then…

Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd ‏@MarketingMikeRMarketing Manager for

Who doesn’t like light designs and natural language? To make your forms lovable, try different form types and layouts. If you’re not a designer and want to create top-notch sign-up forms, you can try the GetResponse List Builder Wizard with 500+ form templates, different formats and categories such as newsletter sign-up, order, and feedback forms.


Test your form

Sachin Uppal

SachinUppal ‏@sachinuppal, Startup Marketer
Marketers often associate A/B testing only with landing pages. Some split-test their newsletters, but few test their sign-up forms. You can dramatically increase conversions by testing your form’s headline, design, call to action, or number of fields.

Marketing Experiments have shown that reducing the number of fields on a newsletter sign-up form from 13 to 3 drove an 816% growth in the subscribe rate. The numbers speak for themselves.

The good news for GetResponse users is that the new List Builder Wizard allows you to A/B test your forms, so you always know what approach works best for your audience.

Make it personal

Rohan Ayyar

Rohan Ayyar @searchrook, Expert in SEO, analytics, UX, CRO
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a face is worth millions. Research conducted by Econsultancy showed that adding an image of a face next to a review generated a 22% increase in the product page add-to-basket conversion rate. Why? Using an image adds credibility to the review, because customers can relate better to faces than to names or no data at all.

If you’re using a form creator, choose one that allows you to customize your forms as you wish and add images to your sign-up forms



Richard Joseph

Richard Joseph @007richierich, International Project Manager, Social Media and Marketing Manager

Gareth Simpson

Gareth Simpson ‏@SimpsonGareth, Digital Marketing Manager

That was by far one of the most popular tips (just next to keeping it short). Think of what your competitors offer for a sign-up, and then beat their offer! Whether it’s a T-shirt, gift card, or free report — make sure it’s valuable to your subscribers. When you offer something of high value, they’ll not only fill out the form but also return to your site. A download box will help you share your high-quality content and collect new subscribers quickly and easily.

Consider collecting more data to help you build subscriber profiles. For full control over subscriber info, you can try the new GetResponse Custom Fields.

And more!

Here’s a bunch of more tips we received. Hope you find these useful. Remember to give their authors a shout out on Twitter if you find their advice especially helpful!

Britney Muller

, Entrepreneur

Eric McMillan

, Digital marketing and lead generation expert

Martijn Scheijbeler

, Leading Growth, SEO & Analytics

Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan @OptimiseOrDieConversion Optimisation Expert

Josh Druck

Josh Druck @JoshDruck, Marketing Ops Manager

Thomas Evans

Thomas Evans @td_evans, Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Still looking for a silver bullet?

Simply choose the right tools, squeeze the most out of them, and give your users nothing less than you would expect to receive on a similar site.

Let us know which tip is your favorite. And if you have tips of your own, share them in our comments – we might just put together another post very soon!

For more on GetResponse Forms, click here.

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