How to Make Your Sign-Up Form Go Viral


A while ago we decided to perform an experiment and ask our new subscribers to share the GetResponse “Subscribe” landing page on social media. We were pleasantly surprised with the results and want to share our findings with you.



How it works

After a new person signs up for our newsletter by filling in the sign up form at our homepage . . .



. . . they are redirected to a custom Thank-you page.



The idea for the creative was really simple. We wanted our subscribers to share and promote the information about our GetResponse Newsletter.

To make it quick and easy for them, we placed social sharing buttons with suggested text for retweets.

Both social sharing buttons link to a special landing page promoting our newsletter campaign.


Surprising results

We were thrilled to discover that the link to our landing page got an impressive number of social mentions:

Share: 556

Likes: 53

Comments: 25



Because Twitter searches only a 7-day history and does not monitor every tweet, we used to calculate tweet mentions. Topsy found 96 tweets of our link.


Here are just a few of the retweets about this link:



Results of the viral sign-up form

In the time period of our analysis, we estimate that there have been more than 3400 unique visits to our thank you page. This means that approximately 18% of new subscribers shared the link to our newsletter sign-up on social media.

This wonderful social-sharing response of our new subscribers helps us to generate new leads and subscribers for our newsletter.


Will this idea work for you?

If it worked for GetResponse, it will work for you. Here’s why.

The perfect time to ask someone to do something for you is immediately after you have received a favorable response from them.

The favorable response you received was when they signed up for your newsletter. Your very next opportunity to ask them to do something for you is your Thank-you page. Perfect timing!


Two easy-to-use resources

To create a viral social-sharing Thank-you page similar to ours, create a Twitter “retweet” button and a Facebook “like” button.


1)   Go to this resource page on Twitter:

Just fill in the blanks as they request then click the “Tweet” button on the right side of the page. That generates a snippet of HTML code you can copy-and-paste into your Thank-you page.


2)   Go to this resource page on Facebook:

Again, fill in the blanks then click the “Get Code” button to generate a snippet of HTML code you can copy-and-paste into your Thank-you page.

The two snippets of code you just created must be placed on a special web page that you or your webmaster will create on your website or blog. You should include some language, similar to the text on our Thank-you page, shown above.

Then log into your GetResponse Dashboard, select Web Forms in the menu, and find your current sign-up web form.

Click “settings” on the right side of the web form listing then click the “Custom Thank-you pages” button and enter the URL for your custom Thank-You page.

Click “publish” and you’re all done!

And if you get stuck, our Five-Star Customer Service Representatives are experts on this little procedure and will be happy to help you.


What a Viral Sign-Up Form can do for you

This little idea could add new subscribers to your email list, maybe just a few, maybe a whole bunch.

It costs nothing but a little setup time. And once it’s done, it keeps working forever!

Are you going to do it? Make your commitment by posting a comment below, then come back and let us know your results.

We can’t wait to hear about your successes!

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