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How Google Apps Login Helps You

3 min

Google Apps Login allows WordPress users to log into your WordPress website using Google to securely confirm their account. This means that if they’re previously logged into their Google account, they can just click the Google Login Button on the WordPress login screen – no username or password is explicitly required!

In this article, I’ll show you how to integrate Google Apps Login plugin into WordPress websites. But before going any further, I think it’s appropriate to discuss what Google Apps are and what features they offer.

  • Complete User Management: Comprehensively forget about WordPress users. User accounts from Google Apps are naturally selected in WordPress.
  • One Click Google Login: The employees need not remember a host of credentials. They only have to remember a single set of login credentials.
  • Control Employee Access: Employee access can be easily implemented. The rules can accommodate access to sensitive areas and employees no longer with the organization could be easily removed from access list.
  • Development Engagement: Google Apps login allows quick load up of WordPress accounts. The user profiles are populated with real names.

How to Integrate Google Apps into WordPress

The process of integrating Google Apps Login into WordPress is really simple. Login to the WordPress Admin dashboard and go to the Plugins tab. Hover and select “Add New” tab. Go to “Search Plugin” section on the right hand side and search for the plugin. Install and activate the plugin. For guidance, see the screenshots below:

Login Dashboard


Plugin >> Add New


Install Google Apps Login

Google Apps WordPress

Activate Google Apps Login

Google Apps WordPress

Once the plugin is activated, you will see Setting >> Google Apps Login in the menu panel. Click Google Apps Login and the setup page appears.


The next step is the Client ID

WP Plugin

The Google Apps domain admin needs to go to If you are not the domain admin, you may still have permissions to use the console. If you are not using Google Apps, then just use your regular Gmail account to access the console.

WordPress Conf

In the Google Developers Console, click Select a project dropdown box at the very top, and then click Create a Project. Enter the name you want, such as your website’s name. Check the Agree to Terms box and then click Create.

Create a Project

WordPress Project

Here’s your project name:


Next, select the credentials menu from the left tab. Near the top of the panel, you’ll see OAuth Consent Screen tab. Click it. Enter a previously unregistered email address. You also need to add your product name that will be shown publicly. The rest of the fields are optional.


After clicking Save and you’ll automatically move to the credentials tab. Click Create Credentials drop-down menu and select the OAuth client ID.

WordPress Auth

Now, you need to click “Web Application”

Google App

Now go back to the configuration page. Add the following items into your new Google “Client ID”


After clicking Web Application, you will see two input boxes – Authorized JavaScript origins and Authorized redirect URIs. Just paste the URL here.


After clicking the Create button, you will successfully get your Client ID and Client Secret.


Copy this code and paste it in your WordPress Admin Dashboard>> Setting >> Google Apps Login:

WordPress Setup

All done!

Save the settings in the WordPress Admin, and then log out. You should now see a ‘Login via Google’ button on your WordPress login page.


Access WordPressUser Registration

Allowing anyone to register on the WordPress website is a matter of checking a box.  Just go to Admin Panel >> Setting >> General. There, you can check the box labelled Anyone Can Register.


Next, logout of the dashboard. You will see the register option on the login page. Click on it and you will see two input boxes, username and email. Fill out the form but make sure that both the username and email are unique.

login wordpress

To login, enter username/email and password. Once you login successfully, you can access  your admin dashboard.

WP Setup

Final Words

I hope you have successfully followed the process. If you need me to clarify anything or would like to contribute to the conversation, please leave a comment below.