GetResponse proudly launches Advanced Segmentation
by Karolina Kurcwald last updated on 0

GetResponse proudly launches Advanced Segmentation

Do you really want to send the same newsletters to completely different people? Your general messages may appeal to some subscribers, but you’ll get the best results when you send relevant content to specific audience segments. And now you have the right tool to do that in your GetResponse account. It’s called Advanced Segmentation.

In a recent GetResponse study, 54% of SMB marketers stated they intended to focus on personalization and targeting in 2010. GetResponse Advanced Segmentation was developed to streamline those targeting tasks, making it much easier to benefit from segmentation.

And here are the primary benefits and segmentation options:


Use geographic data based on subscriber IP addresses to reach audiences where they live and make it easy for customers to take advantage of your in-store offers.

You can now search and segment your list by:

  • country
  • country code
  • region
  • city
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • zip code
  • DMA code

Behavioral segmentation

Analyze customers’ online behavior to help predict future responses. You can now easily group audiences based on their performance to help maximize your campaign ROI.

Segment your list according to subscriber activity, such as:

  • when they last opened or clicked a message,
  • which message they opened or didn’t open,
  • which link they clicked or didn’t click within a message,
  • when they last received a newsletter or a follow-up message.

Custom data segmentation

The custom field data from your web forms and surveys can now be used to improve segmentation. To create custom-tailored offers, group your contacts according to:

  • age
  • gender
  • hobby
  • product preferences
  • any other details you’ve collected, including specific answers to open questions.

You can also segment your active contacts and customers and inactive subscribers, making it much easier to re-engage the latter with a reactivation campaign.

Each time you set up or modify your segment, the counter displays an accurate subscriber count.

The new feature will allow you to combine different segmentation criteria and create multiple condition groups that give you the perfect mix for hyper-targeting your campaigns. Teamed with web forms and surveys, Advanced Segmentation is an extremely useful tool for reaching your subscribers with relevant content and subject lines in your newsletters.

And, of course, we have some examples for you, but those are coming in another story. So watch out for our next blog posts and log in to your GetResponse accounts to try out the new feature. And in the meantime, why not share your segmentation experiences with us?

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