Why you Should be Forming Strong Relationships with Bloggers
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Why you Should be Forming Strong Relationships with Bloggers

Online there are many writers and content developers that your business should be utilizing. There is perhaps an even larger and often untapped source of sharing and interaction and that’s in the world of blogging.

Successful bloggers often have a very large audience and one that’s loyal and completely devised for that blogger and their content. A business should think about jumping aboard and joining in with these bloggers and actively interacting with them.

Due to the current high volume of digital content earmarked for the internet (and saturating it) many businesses have integrated blogger outreach programs into marketing and PR strategies.


Blogger Outreach and Your Business

Effectively blogger outreach is a practice that ticks both the marketing and the PR boxes. It can work in a simplistic manner to generate good back links but there is also the social element to consider. A business can forge meaningful relationships with bloggers through this kind of outreach.

Blogger outreach however isn’t a one-stop shop. Instead it can be used as part of a successful marketing push and it should be merged with a business’ other advertising and social sharing options.

So, for a business to integrate a blogger outreach approach well, it must already have a well-devised and considered marketing plan in place. Then the business can add a blogger outreach approach successfully with marked benefits.


Blogger Outreach is a multi-faceted approach

Blogger outreach has several key possible areas that could be beneficial to a business. A business can use a blogger to pitch guest articles to blogs, publications, or other media outlets. Really the intrinsic desire is to develop high quality content that is shareable and demonstrates a business, its philosophy, and its brands.

This practice can greatly increase a business’ saturation within a given marketplace and it can aid that business in ranking higher on the main search engines. An effective guest post can direct new traffic (and increase existing traffic) to a business’s website.

Blogger outreach can benefit a company and its SEO efforts and it can increase publicity and general conversation surrounding a brand and its ethos. There are other benefits however and a successful blogger outreach program can reach and forge relationships with thought leaders and influencers within a business’ niche.

This can provide a business with a great way to increase its own influence and perhaps even find contributions from leading influencers. Again, these influencers, like bloggers, have a large pre-existing audience base and one that would be of great benefit if your business could tap into it.



Implementing a Blogger Outreach Approach

A business must consider this practice carefully before implementing it. Guest blogging hasn’t done quite so well since Google’s latest algorithm update. That’s not to say that guest posting is a bad practice, it’s just to say that it must be done intelligently.

The first step is defining your goals and strategy. This will help ensure that your outreach program is more successful as clearly defined goals will keep everything clear. Really the blogger outreach program should be part of the rest of your marketing efforts and it should have a good sense of purpose and a well-defined strategy.

If your business has a good idea of what it aims to achieve from a blogger outreach program it can target those efforts much more effectively. A business should have clear goals ensuring that content is driven by the types of publications it’s destined for.

A business should remember to only approach and consider bloggers that have some sort of relevancy to its niche. Relevant content is something that Google desires in any back links so a business should use that as its guiding light.


Think to the future

When your business is looking for bloggers it should think to the future and how those bloggers will contribute to future opportunities. Consider bloggers that have written a lot and make sure that the content they post is consistently good. Remember that these bloggers will be speaking for your business so consider them carefully.

Perhaps it’s also a good idea to think of a series of blog posts that add to a subject and are well researched. Look for bloggers that craft good online copy with clickable headlines. You want to find someone that writes not only well and with clarity, but someone who is persuasive.

Remember to build good relationships with the bloggers that you work with. This will ensure that your outreach program has legs and doesn’t only last for one post. Cast the net wide too and really look at all of the options available – it’s not worth rushing this practice.


Blogger Outreach programs are beneficial

Use social media platforms to keep in touch and reach new potential bloggers that could champion your business, brand, and philosophy. There are plenty of possible benefits to a blogger outreach program and a business should consider them carefully.

It can build strong relationships with industry influencers and this is an area that really shouldn’t be ignored. These influencers have considerable cache so utilize them and try to interact and connect with them too.

Integrate blogger outreach programs into your overall marketing efforts and use them to reach a wider audience. It can increase your search engine ranking and better saturate you, your business and its brands online.


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