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Hermione’s Time Turner: How to Find Time for Everything

3 min

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you probably know that Hermione Granger used a magical time-turner to attend more classes and ‘save more than one innocent life’, as Dumbledore said. Even though most of us would never use it to attend more classes, it is no secret that all of us wish to have such tool in our lives.

What would you do if you had the ability to turn back time? Perhaps you want to experience two things that take place at the same time or missed an important meeting in the past. Some of us simply want a time turner to get back to times where we felt happiest.

However, we are not Hermione and, unfortunately, are not part of the wizarding community. Therefore, you should learn to do everything that is in a muggle’s power to find time for things you consider important.

1. Plan your time

There are many things you can do to plan your time properly, but we decided to pick the most popular ones to get you on the right track:

Circular Diagram

Originally invented for the world of economy, the circular diagram is currently very popular among students in Asia. If you find it hard to plan your time and finish your tasks within the set deadlines, try out this popular time-planning method.


A time-planner or to-do list can certainly make an order from your mess of a schedule. You cannot turn back time, but can certainly do most of it and what better way to do this than by writing it all down?

Franklin Covey system

Have you heard of the Franklin Covey system? This is a very simple, yet highly effective way to organize your time by setting tasks according to priorities and urgency.

Planning your time by using these systems is not difficult at all. Once you learn how to do this, you are one step closer to Hermione’s achievement (if that were even possible for us muggles).

2. Pick your priorities

As the Franklin Covey system suggests, people must set their priorities to use time wisely. Time is rushing by and there is no way to stop it, which is why you must learn how to get the best out of it before it is too late.

Once you get an important thing done, you will have more motivation to continue with the remaining of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks and goals.

3. Take drastic measures

There is something you can do as Hermione does – take drastic measures to achieve your goals. Was there ever a time that Hermione forgot about her school tasks or did not read the assigned book? If you want to get something done, there is no room for fooling around or procrastinating things of high importance.

4. Limit your internet time

Wizards do not use the internet and social media for a reason and this reason is quite obvious – internet surfing is one of the biggest useless time-consumers. Imagine what would happen if Harry Potter was looking for ways to fight Voldermort online or looked for the Chamber of Secrets on Google Maps?

As technology advances, we are becoming more and more addicted to the Internet, which is why you have to follow their example. The Internet is an advantage since we are not magical, but try to limit the usage to get more time to finish the tasks.

5. Don’t forget to rest

No one can function at their best unless they are rested. For this reason, you have to take the time and give your brain some rest before getting on the following tasks.

When you start feeling tired, take a small break to refresh your mind. Being tired can only slow down your actions and is definitely not a productive way to finish your tasks.

Finite incantatum

You may not have Hermione’s time turner, but you certainly do not have to rush around all day to finish every task. If you learn to manage your time properly, you can finish everything in time and achieve your goal without saying afterwards ‘I wish I had a time turner.’

What’s your favorite way to manage your time. Tell us your secrets in the comments below.