How to Automate Your Lead Gen with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier
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How to Automate Your Lead Gen with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier

GetResponse is loaded with features right out of the box that make it easy to communicate with your customers via email and increase sales. What can be easy to forget is how much more power you can add by connecting the other apps you use during your work day—like lead gen form tools—to your campaigns in GetResponse.

Editor’s note: We’ve recently updated the GetResponse + Zapier integration. From now on, you can connect all your favorite tools, including Facebook Lead Ads, right from the GetResponse dashboard.

Facebook rolled out an advertising solution called Lead Ads, which allow advertisers to collect information from prospects directly from mobile ads in the Facebook newsfeed. Instead of sending a user over to a landing page to fill out a form, Lead Ads are pre-populated with a user’s contact information, so in one-click, they can claim an offer, download an ebook, or subscribe to a newsletter, all without having to hop away from the day’s top stories (and memes).

But getting those leads out of Facebook and into GetResponse (or any other email or CRM app for that matter) can be challenging. When a lead submits the form on your Facebook ad, you need to export a CSV with their information and then import it into GetResponse. That means to send out a timely follow up to deliver content or welcome your new user, that export/import cha-cha-cha needs to be done several times a day.

So, it’s exciting that Facebook and Zapier, an app automation platform, have partnered up on a new Facebook Lead Ads integration that makes contacting your new leads much easier and more seamless.

Now, when you’re building a lead form in Facebook, you can choose to connect that form directly to GetResponse. That way, new contacts collected via the form will automatically be subscribed to a campaign in GetResponse and you can avoid the manual work of importing leads altogether. Best of all, it means you can follow up with those new subscribers faster, giving you a better chance of turning new leads into lasting customers.

Facebook lead ads integrate with Zapier and GetResponse

Italian furniture retailer Magazzinosottocosto is doing exactly that—they use the integration to subscribe the leads who fill in their ad to GetResponse and send out the newest furniture catalog automatically, saving her team at least $200/month in billable time.

“Downloading the leads CSV file from Facebook and then uploading to GetResponse was a manual process that took time away from our team’s more important tasks,” said CEO Simone Lolliri. “Now that the process is all automated, the team can focus on improving other crucial things, like the ads, emails, and blog posts.”

Digital agency New Meta Agency takes advantage of the high conversion rates of Facebook lead ads while delivering top-notch service to their clients.

“Lead ads can now bolt straight to our auto responders in GetResponse. This gives our clients a  marketing advantage as lead forms outperform any other form of direct response marketing on mobile right now,” says owner Ben Lewis.

Steal their workflows for yourself and get started building Zaps (what Zapier calls automated workflows) like the Facebook lead ads, and others that will free up your time for more important tasks. Zapier offers a free plan and is designed to be used by anyone—no coding required.

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