Email Marketing New Year’s Resolutions [Webinar Recording]


Are you excited about your next year’s email marketing strategy? Or maybe you’re rather confused and don’t know what to do? No matter which group you are in, you’re in the right place. Find out all you need in the webinar video!



In this webinar on New Year’s email marketing resolutions, Jordie van Rijn leads you through a strategy-making process.


What do I need strategy for?

If you’re reading this post, it’s already clear that you want to make your email marketing campaigns as good and effective as possible. You’ve probably spend some time thinking what has worked for you so far and what could be improved. You don’t want to hold yourself back by making the same mistake in next email campaigns, do you?

Email marketing strategy will help you plan your actions and promotions and have full control over possible outcomes. What’s more, strategical thinking makes it easier to measure your progress – there’s nothing more precise than a well-calculated KPI and benchmark.


What do I learn from this webinar?

Jordie van Rijn will take you for a time journey: to the future and to the past. Why? Because what you have done already influences what you should do next! Here’s what the presentation includes:

  1. How to write your email marketing plan for 2014 and what it should include
  2. What kind of tactics you can use and which ones to choose for your campaigns
  3. What and how to communicate to your customers to make them stay with you
  4. How to read stats to learn valuable lessons
  5. How to analyze your previous years’ results to help you establish achievable yet challenging goals
  6. How to test different ideas during the year to constantly improve your campaigns


Get ready to rock it in 2014!

Hope you’re excited about the upcoming prospectives in 2014 – we wish you another great year of email marketing success! To help this wish come true, click the “Play” button and get your share of useful advice. Let us know which tips you like best!


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