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9 amazing Easter email examples and subject lines

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Easter is coming! And though the holiday remains deeply religious, it has grown to be quite the commercial holiday. Check this out.

In 2023, 81% of Americans celebrated Easter with the consumers planning to spend approximately $24 billion. This is a sure spike from the $20.8 billion spent in 2022.

So, while you get lost in the magic of the Easter bunny, egg hunts, food, gifts, and candy there’s one more thing you’ll need to add to your 2024 list–an Easter email campaign. 

With the sudden spike in consumer spending, your easter email might just be what convinces that subscriber to take action.

This article will discuss Easter email marketing in-depth, from the importance of having the campaign to how you can write a great Easter email (with real-life email examples). 

Let’s get started!

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Importance of an Easter email marketing campaign

Running an Easter email marketing campaign is a great idea for your business. 

As we’ve highlighted above, there’s a noticeable surge in consumer spending during the Easter holiday period. By strategically aligning email promotions with the spirit of Easter, you can tap into this heightened consumer activity, boosting your sales and revenue.

But that’s not all. Here are some more benefits of an easter email marketing campaign:

Seasonal relevance

Being a cultural and religious celebration, Easter holds significant meaning for many individuals. That means running an Easter email campaign and aligning it with the sentiments and traditions of the season can create a sense of relevance that resonates with your target audience. 

That alignment fosters a connection between your brand and consumers which can lead to higher click-through rates and increased brand affinity.

A perfect limited-time opportunity

The Easter holiday is a relatively short-lived season – just a few days. This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that businesses can leverage in their email campaigns. 

By emphasizing limited-time offers, exclusive Easter promotions, and seasonal discounts, you can encourage prompt action from recipients, driving immediate engagement and conversions.

Building Brand Loyalty

Your brand can establish a deeper connection with its customers by creating engaging, festive content. So if you successfully add the Easter spirit into your email campaigns, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your audience, which you can nurture into brand loyalty.

Clearly, you can’t afford to miss out on this festive period. So let’s pick some inspirations from some of the best brands running killer Easter campaigns.

9 Easter email examples

Here are some of the Easter email examples brands have sent out on prior holidays. Each one has a great aspect that can inspire your own Easter campaign. Let’s check them out!

1. Pandora

The first thing you’ll notice here is the clean email design. The email header also stands out. The charming silver bunny and the subtle pink background with decorative Easter eggs catch your eye. This is just enough to tell any email reader that this will be an Easter email.

Pandora's Easter email marketing campaign featuring a a sliver bunny and a pun "Don't worry, be hoppy"

The email uses Easter-themed wordplay, “be hoppy” and “egg-stra special”, giving it a lighthearted tone that entices you to read on.

Pandora also takes advantage of the fact that people exchange gifts during Easter and highlight their top Easter-inspired pieces.

Key takeaways: Use a clean email design, a matching color palette, and Easter symbols. Also, either create an Easter theme around featured products or have exclusive Easter releases.

2. Wanderer Bracelets

In this email example, Wander Bracelets places its new seasonal product at the center of the Holiday. 

Bracelets are most probably not the first thing you think of when someone mentions Easter, but they do make for great gifts and this email makes you seriously consider it. 

Wanderer Bracelets's Easter email marketing campaign

See how they lightly mention people can level up by considering other great alternatives (the greatest being their Easter bracelets) to fill up Easter eggs. They also outline how exactly their product fits in with the holiday.

The brand keeps everything else simple, from the email design to the well-coordinated color palette. Their CTA placement is great, too. They’ve made sure readers can’t miss it by using a conspicuous color. 

Key takeaways: Keep your email simple, create an Easter theme around your product, use a compelling CTA, and include the Easter charms.

3. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is a great example of a brand using huge Easter sales to boost engagement and email conversions. They are promoting a sitewide sale with this email, for example.

Frank and Oak Easter email marketing campaign featuring a sitewide promotion

The email also includes the best-sellers, making potential customers’ work easier. You can also tell the items are personalized to the recipient’s gender.

Frank and Oak also highlight an ongoing virtual Easter egg hunt which gives email recipients an additional 5% off on all purchases to encourage participation.

Besides that, you’ll notice they use Easter colors–purple, gold, and pastels–which most people automatically identify with the Easter holiday. These colors are more likely to elicit positive feelings and even reactions.

Key takeaways: Offer an amazing Easter sale, personalize your email, use action-oriented CTA text, and use the Easter colors to blend your email with the holiday.

4. Habitat UK

This Habitat UK easter email is a great example of how brands can weave Easter into their email marketing campaigns even without a directly relatable product. Habitat, a household furnishings brand, does that by using the Easter hosting angle.

This Habitat's easter email marketing campaign

The brand also highlights that they have an Easter Sale, to encourage further engagement and get their subscribers’ attention. We also have to mention, though that the header image was an excellent idea. It is relevant both to the holiday and their product offerings.

That said, we believe a dedicated CTA for those interested in the Easter sale would have been a great idea.

Key takeaways: You can tie Easter into your email marketing campaign regardless of your product offerings–have an Easter sale and use a relevant header image.

5. Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm takes the trophy for one of the most unique Easter campaigns. Instead of a sale, it offers downloadable coloring sheets meant to help parents connect with their children and spend quality time over Easter.

Once upon a farm Easter email marketing campaign

The highlight of any holiday, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, for most people is spending time with family – the brand provides an Easter solution. The offer, of course, aligns with the Easter holiday as you can see.

Besides that, the email copy is brief but comprehensive, the email design is clean and simple, and the CTA is well-placed. 

Key takeaways: Have a unique but easter-themed offer, promote a product that encourages family togetherness, and keep your email copy concise.

6. Dinnerly

Dinnerly promises to enhance the recipients’ easter experience by delivering easy-to-prepare recipes. This positions the brand as a solution in the readers’ eyes.

They also create an Easter theme around their offer by including the “help from the Easter bunny” idea.

Perhaps the one thing the email could have done better is avoiding the solid color background they have throughout the email. Without it, even the CTA button would have stood out a lot more.

Key takeaways: Offer solutions to better the Easter experience with your products.

7. Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics is another unique but great Happy Easter email example. They honor the Easter holiday by highlighting that they are a cruelty-free brand.

This would definitely get the recipients’ attention, given how much they love the bunny, especially on Easter. 

While the bunny visual could be proof of the Leaping Bunny Certification, it’s also a great Easter symbol to have on the email. 

Key takeaways: Create a unique Easter email highlighting qualities that set you apart.

8. Tattly

This is a great example of a reminder email, giving recipients a last chance to take action. Tattly executes this perfectly with the Easter-related visuals and copy.

The brand has also created an Easter theme for the discounted products it is promoting. It is calling them the egg-decorating collection.

The CTA is conspicuous and the wordplay CTA text they used is a brilliant idea, instead of sticking to the cliche “Shop now”

Key takeaways: Promote Easter-themes products, use creative visuals, and go for unique CTA text to match the occasion.


This TOMS email example promotes an Easter-exclusive product. The best part about it is they made the shoe limited-edition with a bunny print to encourage prompt action.

The Easter bunny symbol, both on the shoes and email artwork is a great addition. You’ll also notice they stick to a single CTA, which they use twice and place prominently. 

Key takeaways: create a limited-edition Easter product and use a single CTA.

How to write an engaging Easter email

Now that you have the inspiration from the great Easter emails we’ve featured above, here are some key tips on how you can write yours.

1. Frame your promotion around the easter holiday

It goes without saying that your promotion should embody the essence of the holiday. 

Begin by infusing Easter-themed visuals, colors, and symbols into the design of your email or even your products, as shown below. This not only adds a visually cohesive and festive touch to your email but also immediately communicates the Easter theme to recipients.

Framing your Easter promotion also goes beyond mere visuals or aesthetics. You can leverage the power of storytelling in your Easter promotional messaging. 

See how BarkShop used storytelling in this example. This heartfelt email copy draws you in to trigger immediate action. 

Speaking of email copy, you can also use puns or fun phrases that reinforce the Easter theme. You can wish your email subscribers a “Hoppy Easter”, for example. Or even offer them “Egg-citing” or “cracking” deals. 

2. Make it a family affair

Easter is a holiday when families come together to celebrate, so it’s key that your email content reflects this. 

Promote products that cater to family activities and gatherings. Whether it’s clothing suitable for a family Easter party, home decor items, or activities that engage the entire family, highlight offerings that contribute to a shared experience. 

Additionally, offer family-centric promotions or exclusive deals that encourage collective participation. 

For example, offer bundled packages for families or special discounts on multiple purchases. This email of California Pizza Kitchen offering family packages on Easter Sunday is a great example.

You can also show that you support family togetherness by using heartwarming visuals of happy families together, such as engaging in Easter egg hunts or enjoying festive meals. 

Such visuals help you communicate the joy associated with celebrating Easter as a family. This shows your brand understands the Easter festivities, boosting your email engagement rates.

3. Create a time-limited Easter offer

Easter runs for only a few days. Hence, as we mentioned earlier, it provides a natural opportunity to introduce time-limited offers that drive immediate action from your audience.

To effectively execute a time-limited offer, start by highlighting it in your email subject line. Otherwise, your recipients will never know you have an ongoing offer. Use phrases like “Limited-Time,” “Special Easter Offers,” ” Ends Soon,” or “Hurry”.

Next, incorporate visual cues like countdown timers within your email to add to the sense of urgency that encourages recipients to make decisions swiftly. Always ensure your countdown timer is prominently displayed and easily noticeable within your email layout. 

Here’s an example.

In addition, complement your time-limited offer with clear call-to-action buttons, guiding recipients to take immediate action. Use compelling language in your CTA buttons, such as “Shop Now” or “Get My Easter Treat Now” to reinforce the urgency of the offer.

4. Build an Easter email drip campaign

Instead of sending just one Easter email, businesses can create a drip campaign that helps you guide recipients through various stages until they take action.

But first, you’ll need to decide on the number of emails you’ll send. A typical Easter drip campaign might include three emails: 

One before Easter to announce upcoming promotions. This is considered a teaser email that builds anticipation around your Easter email marketing communication. 

Here’s a great example of a Pre-Easter teaser email.

The second one could be during the Easter holiday. The email should inform recipients that the promised Easter promotions are live and give more information about them. 

Check out this example.

Your final email could be just before the end of the Easter holiday, reminding recipients of expiring offers. Emphasize the urgency of the remaining time and the value of your Easter deals. 

Here’s a great example of a closing reminder email.

Remember to monitor the performance of your Easter drip campaign by tracking metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates for each email in the series. This will help you refine your approach for future Easter email marketing campaigns.

5. Suggest Easter gift options

Easter is the perfect time for gifting. That means you can also guide recipients in selecting the perfect Easter gifts for different people in their lives. This simplifies the gift-giving process for your email subscribers and also adds value to your email content.

Suggest curated gift options or create themed gift sets that align with the holiday spirit. You can also provide helpful suggestions for different budgets and recipients or even share last-minute gift ideas as shown below.

Make sure to feature any seasonal Easter items or exclusive releases you may have. Their limited availability will add a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to take immediate action.

6. Have a virtual Easter egg hunt 

The Egg Hunt is one of the most prominent Easter traditions, and you can borrow the idea to add some fun to your email marketing campaign. A virtual Easter Egg Hunt is also a great way to encourage subscribers to explore your product offerings and promotions.

You can have interactive elements like clickable eggs within the email that lead to special offers or hidden discounts. The hidden discounts add an element of excitement and surprise, encouraging more recipients to participate in your Egg Hunt.

You can execute your virtual egg hunt in different ways. For instance, you can have subscribers search for specific products in your store or a symbol like painted eggs, as shown below. 

Alternatively, you can have a general egg hunt where you have multiple products on sale. Ideally, this is just a huge Easter sale, but you add a bit more excitement when you have recipients go looking for the products on your site.

30 Easter email subject line examples

Let’s finally look at some Easter email subject line examples that you can borrow ideas from to increase your email open rates and sales. 

1. Email subject lines for Easter sales

When crafting subject lines for Easter sales promotions, consider creating a sense of urgency to prompt immediate action. You can also incorporate festive and playful language that aligns with the Easter theme.

  • Hop Into Savings: Easter Sale Starts Now!
  • Easter Eggstravaganza: Unwrap Your Exclusive Deals!
  • Crack Open Savings: Easter Flash Sale Inside!
  • Bunny Approved Deals: Easter Savings Just for You
  • Cracking Easter Offers Now Available!
  • Selling out fast! You better hop to it.
  • Our Easter Sale is now on! Get up to 50% off.
  • Easter Flash Sale: Hurry, Before These Deals Hop Away!
  • Our Easter Sale is Now Live! Get 30% Off Storewide.
  • 20% Off Sitewide! Happy Easter!

2. Email subject lines for limited-time offers

These subject lines must convey just how time-sensitive the offers are. Therefore, ensure you are as clear as can be about the time or period.

  • Hop Quick! Easter Savings Disappear at Midnight 
  • Don’t Miss Out! Easter Flash Sale Ends Soon
  • Easter Countdown: Only Hours Left to Snatch Your Special Deals!
  • Act Fast! Limited Easter Offers Vanish in 24 hours
  • Tick-Tock! Easter Savings Clock is Ticking Away
  • 40% off is hopping away in hours.
  • Easter Hampers, last chance to order TODAY

3. Email subject lines for Easter egg hunts

For your Easter Egg Hunt email subject lines, ensure you keep it playful, while also creating a sense of anticipation. You want to pique their attention enough that they actually participate.

  • Join the Hunt: Easter Eggs Loaded with Surprises Await!
  • Crack the Code: Easter Egg Hunt Begins Now!
  • Turn heads at the egg hunt.
  • Save $20, Easter Egg Hunt Ends Today! 
  • Egg Hunt Alert: Find, Click, and Reveal Your Rewards!
  • Great Mysteries with Great Prizes! Get Cracking!

4. Easter subject lines with puns

This category requires you to use a captivating lightheartedness and sense of humor. Wordplay Easter-related terms like eggs, bunnies, and hunting. 

Still, avoid sacrificing your Easter subject lines’ comprehension for a laugh.

  • Egg-citing Deals: Hop Into Easter Savings
  • Eggstraordinary Savings: Don’t Miss the Hop-portunity!
  • Enjoy Shell-shocking Discounts
  • Take a seat and grab some carrots
  • Have an Egg-cellent Easter Holiday!
  • Somebunny Loves Savings: Hop Over for Easter Deals!
  • Egg-squisite Offers: Hop, Shop, and Save!

Build your Easter email campaigns with GetResponse 

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