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10 Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Techniques

Undeniably, digital marketing has reached a remarkable peak in the contemporary world, eliminating the traditional marketing approaches. But, in the midst of overfilled online materials, it’s trickier to discover the right set of digital marketing techniques. Thus, we conducted in-depth research and read numerous reviews to sum up the most effective and results-oriented techniques of digital marketing in 2017.

To our surprise, today, about 46% of brands function without any definite digital marketing strategy. In addition, 16% of brands plan a digital marketing strategy but don’t incorporate it into their marketing plan. A concerning aspect here is, if a brand doesn’t have a well-planned digital marketing strategy, how come it can succeed in such a competitive digital market.

Nevertheless, it’s the time you should stop bothering about marketing of your brand, as we’re about to unearth the techniques, you won’t waste a second to integrate into your online marketing plan. The following digital marketing techniques would allow you to make your brand create a powerful and lasting impact on audience. Read along to discover the leading digital marketing techniques:

1. Keeping up with upcoming trends

Out of all techniques, “Trend Hijacking” has proven to be a marvel. As a wise man said “out of sight, out of mind”, the same applies in digital world. The trends in the digital world related to your brand offerings can help you acquire a massive chunk of audience online. Having said, there’re various tools available in the market which can help your identify on-going trends. One of such tools is Google Trends. With the right set of tools, sufficient knowledge and a passion to stay ahead, you can make your way through the competitors and stand on top of all.

google trends

2. Data bank – insights to reach the ladder of success

“The devil in the details” – the quote suits well for organizations seeking to acquire success in the modern day digital marketing world. The Big Data applications serve as the exclusive data bank imbued with customers’ insights and predictive analysis. On top, Big Data applications can help you boost leads, conversions, and sales. In addition, Big Data is associated with machine learning, aiding to identify netizens’ characteristics and behavior. To put it simply, Big Data can help you convert more users into customers.

3. The automation apps

In the fast-paced digital marketing world, email automation has stood at the top of results-driven approaches. However, not many businesses are aware of this technique and thus face disappointment. To fill the knowledge gap, marketing automation apps include all the apps and software capable of promoting your business on their own such as automated email marketing software, automated tweets and feeds poster, and many more. However, it is essential to observe the engagement and responses received on efforts of marketing automation software.

4. A mobile-optimized marketing strategy

A mobile-optimized marketing strategy has been delivering wonders for businesses. However, in the most recent times, mobile marketing has started facing controversies. The reason lies on the fact that mobile responsive websites convert more customers on higher resolution screens than lower ones. Irrefutably, Google had followed its mobile-first mantra, but as a fact, a large number of netizens are using desktop, laptop, and tablets for online transactions. In fact, data from our Email Marketing Benchmarks report shows that even though mobile devices account for around 25% of all email opens, they account for more than 42% of all the clicks. Keeping these factors in mind, businesses should focus on building mobile responsive sites with relevant content, CTAs and reduced load times.

5. Social media marketing – the revolutionary marketing epoch

Social media marketing is one of the latest approaches to draw a massive audience towards your brand. With such a large subscribers’ base, social networks serve as the prime channels for brand promotion. On another hand, social media trends serve as the finest sources to place your brands among the eyes of subscribers. However, the social networks have now made changes to policies, becoming advertising platforms, and thus users’ may fall into “pay to play” strategy of social networks.

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6. Conversion rate optimization – getting the most out of your websites

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the same as polishing and garnishing your products, aiming to attract more customers. This systematic process of expanding your customer base can be helpful for businesses who want to get the most of their current brand. Let it be filling out a form, subscribing, clicking on a call to action, CRO can persuade visitors to perform an action on your site that you desire. Not only this, CRO can help you understand the behavior of visitors on your site.

7. Search engine optimization – making your brand appear on search engines’ results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a systematic process focused on expanding brand visibility on search engine results pages (without paying). Not to mention, SEO requires both technical knowledge and skills to boost rankings, derive traffic, and increase brand recognition on search engines. There is a range of aspects to SEO, from words’ count of your page to how other sites link to you on the web. Many times, SEO is meant to revamp your site in a way that search engines start prioritizing it.

8. Paid marketing & campaigns – pay per click

Paid marketing is one of the most effective ways of utilizing search engines for paid ads. Paid advertisements are visible at top of search engines with a yellow label of “Ad”. Surprisingly, research suggests that netizens click on paid search results more than any other form of online advertisements. In addition, when we look for products or services online, search engines display results and advertisements, which are most relevant to your search.

9. Influencer marketing – PR

Influencer marketing has emerged as the most distinct and beneficial digital marketing strategy than any other. It is often linked with content strategy, SEO practices, and social media marketing. At heart, influencer marketing involves promotion of products or services through persons, influencers, popular figures, and/or celebrities who have command over what other people consider for buying. Not to mention, influencer marketing is often categorized under word of mouth marketing.

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10. Affiliate marketing – unveiling the power of partnership

Affiliate marketing is yet another great way of marketing your product or service in the most effective manner. In essence, affiliate marketing is similar to commission based marketing, where an affiliate partner is paid by performance. In other words, a businessperson only has to pay the affiliate if he is successful at selling a specific product or service. Surprisingly, today, various banks, finance, and travel companies utilize affiliate marketing.

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We hereby wrap our article about the cutting-edge digital marketing techniques in 2017. The techniques mentioned earlier have been utilized by various tech-giants and received satisfactory reviews. We suggest entrepreneurs and enterprise-level businesses to use these cult digital marketing practices to achieve the optimum results in the contemporary digital world.

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