Collect, segment and hit your target!
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Collect, segment and hit your target!

We’ve already talked about how web forms can influence your segmentation tactics. Now it’s time to take a look at how you can integrate the new Advanced Segmentation feature in GetResponse with your web forms and surveys for laser-sharp target marketing.

A scenario

A restaurant owner needs to increase Monday-Wednesday traffic by at least 30%. He’s collected demographic data from his web forms, and preference information from surveys. He owns 3 restaurants in town, but the one near uptown is doing fine. How does he attract customers to the other 2 during the week?

With the new GetResponse segmentation tool, it’s easy for this owner to find mid-week customers in one quick session. He’s a bit new to the feature and hopes he can do everything he wants to with it, but he also knows his business and has some great ideas. Here’s his approach:

First he wants to search by town and area code to find those closest to each restaurant. Next he’ll cull by demographics, like male or female, single or married, job and/or place of work, and age, if available. (He can use this info in loads of ways, so every time he uses GetResponse Segmentation, it gets faster and easier.)

For example, he knows that senior citizens often go out to lunch during the week, either as a couple, or a group of “gals”. He also knows that if he ran some specials he could probably “steal” some business from the cafeteria at a nearby company. So now that he’s identified a few good groups, he’ll make one cut based on subscriber preferences, to find out what days of the week they like to eat out, and what types of food they prefer. A few final “slices” and he should be ready to create his luncheon specials. He’ll even know what kinds of coupons to send – 2-for-1 and 30% off each entrée. That’s sure to bring the couples in and give the singles a hefty discount for real gourmet food!

How did he do? Well, he may not have followed that exact order, but the results were pure genius! Half of all the recipients ate at his place within two weeks of the promotion. That’s a 50% conversion rate! And best of all, they keep coming back!

The solution, step by step

So we have 3 restaurants in different parts of town that really need to ramp up mid-week traffic. If you’re wondering how to do what you’ve just read about in practice, here are a few tips. With the new GetResponse Advanced Segmentation, it’s really easy to use information you collect on sign up forms and additional info you get from surveys to tailor your offers and attract more business during slow times.

Let’s start with web forms. To get the most from your sign-up information, you can add your own custom fields, say, “Which day of the week do you usually dine out?” and use the multi-select menu to provide the answers. Your web form could look something like this:

Now place it on your website and wait for the data. Based on the sign-up info only, you will now be able to segment your list using geosegmentation!

You could then further segment the list by adding another condition from your custom field. You’ll want to find people who dine out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, right?

Note that all of the custom fields you saved will automatically appear in your dropdown list.

You now know how many people are likely to come to your restaurants Monday-Wednesday, and can prepare for their visits by asking what they’d like to eat.

To do that, send your customers a newsletter with a survey link. Create a survey, or several surveys for that matter, and send a different one to each of your segments, depending on which restaurant they live closest to. Ask for anything you need – what food they like, if they usually dine alone or with someone, etc.

And there’s another convenience. When you create custom fields for your contacts, you can assign them to the individual questions in your survey.

You will then be able to easily segment your subscribers based on the answers they provided – just select them from the custom field list when you segment your contacts.

As you receive the survey answers, you’ll be able to further segment your list to include relevant special offers for particular clients. And improve your menu in your restaurants to draw more customers.

This is still not the end of your options! In your newsletters, you can include several links to various offers, and further segment your list by which link was clicked, then send similar offers. The best part is, you can create multiple conditions groups, and make them “add to” or “exclude” each other, to create specific groups of customers as needed, allowing you to tailor your offer perfectly.

What about your businesses? What segmentation scenarios do you use?

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