Case Scenario: Autoresponders for Publishers and Bookstores


Being responsive and relevant is always a challenge. But for online publishers, bookstores and magazines it’s extremely important to provide the right offer at the right time to the right people. With Autoresponders 2.0 this task becomes fun and easy, and can help them quickly build a responsive and loyal audience. Find out some strategies to create timely and engaging email programs for your readers.

New in the case study series, this video presents simple yet powerful solutions on how to react with accurate and timely offers to your subscribers’ online actions and boost their loyalty with highly customized and personalized messages that mimic the logic of 1-to-1 email communications.

In the video you’ll find out more on how to:

  • Make a great first impression with a welcome email
  • Create content-rich email sequences that keep your audience interested and in the loop
  • Schedule perfectly timed responses to your recipient actions: purchases, downloads, clicked links and opened messages.
  • Build lasting customers relationships and let them feel special and unique
  • And more



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