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How To Boost Your B2B Sales Via LinkedIn

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Most of the digital marketing professionals try hard to generate leads via LinkedIn by sending LinkedIn connection request, followed by a typical sales pitch. But still, their efforts goes nowhere and fails to generate leads. In this blog I’ll share and discuss top 5 strategies to use LinkedIn profile and company page to drive more sales and bring significant business revenue for the organization. 

 Expand your B2B network

Unlike other social networking site, on LinkedIn you don’t need to follow or friend people but add connections to your professional network. LinkedIn categorizes contacts in your network as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd connections. You can start building your network by adding connections in four different ways to connect with people.


First, by adding their email addresses, you can directly import the email address from your email account and add them to your linkedIn contacts.

Second, you can build your network in four ways i.e. in categories like Colleague, done business together, Classmate, done business, past or current jobs, friends and other.

Third, you can also get great exposure visibility and expand your network by using LinkedIn Groups. These groups are great resource to build contacts, add connections, influence connections, connect with industry based influencers, build authority and gain more traffic to your official website.

When you’re a member of a LinkedIn group, you’re likely to interact with many people outside your industry, thus you may wish to add them through the group, and avoid filling in details like email address or company as a connection factor.

Make sure that you tailor-make all messages while sending request to add connections in your network. This will gain you only bring you quick response but also helps to build strong connections too.

Nurture your connections

Growing your connections is good for nothing if you fail to nurture them. Simply adding connections to your network will rep no benefits to your business or professional career. You can build strong relationship via LinkedIn by sharing meaningful content on LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Groups, scrolling your newsfeed, share your comments and share others content too.

Be it a short snippets, stories, experiences, opinions and whatsoever, a good content can really drive your prospects, connections and influencers to stop by your profile.

As and when you start connecting with people, by following their activities on LinkedIn you can find even more prospects and get high quality leads.

With the help of LinkedIn automation tools, you can even put your LinkedIn outreach on autopilot.

Find hot leads

LinkedIn Premium service is one of the best social media paid options you can use. There’re numerous benefits to it. It has specific filters that help you target leads from companies based on your predefined rules. It also provides you with valuable statistics, so you can measure your effort in order to quantify your social selling. One major tool you get here is the Sales Navigator.

Find the right leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a host of options that you can use. Here’s one of the ways you can get started with it: Use Sales Navigator to slowly build your account lists.

There’re specific reasons why you should do this. Sales Navigator will give you information about what’s happening in the company that you’ve added to the lists,  by collating all the sharing the company does on the platform
This helps you to understand your targeted company, its current situation and where they’re heading. You may even find the right opportunity to connect with them. For example, if you’re running a SaaS business, you’ll be able to connect with your prospects to find out whether they’re interested in switching to your platform.

It also offers custom filters which allow you to build target lead lists. This is an incredibly effective tool that allows you to create a list according to the buyer personas you’ve already created.


LinkedIn Lead Builder

LinkedIn Lead Builder allows you to get really deep with your filtering and segmentation. If you’re, for example, looking for CEOs in a particular region, but don’t have company details such as name, LinkedIn Lead Builder will give you exactly that. It can get a lot more detailed information such as keywords and industry.

Export to CRM

Marketers are always looking to grow their database. The export to CRM option is one that can be especially handy. Use this function to add contacts into your database. As always, ensure that you get permission to contact them via opt-in, as they may not have been opted-in.

Export to CRM feature enables you to export a LinkedIn profile to a lead profile or contact list in just a single click. You’ll save time with ‘Export to CRM’ while prospecting or adding new contacts or leads into your CRM. thus, it allows your sales team to focus on selling.

Social Selling Index

The Social Selling Index is an interesting function available on LinkedIn. It grades you based on your success with social selling. Now, social selling is defined as follows:

  • The number of connections you make within your target audience
  • The amount of content you create and share
  • The clicks you receive on your LinkedIn company page
  • Your level of interaction with others

If you’re a social media manager, this is an important tool that you should be using. It’s good for your brand and it opens up a lot of opportunities.

Back to you

I hope my points will help your sales representatives to leverage their LinkedIn profile, connections, and your company page in order to generate more leads and drive more sales for your organization.

Please let me know what you think about this article in the comment section below.