Blogging Is More Than Just Writing Blog Posts
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Blogging Is More Than Just Writing Blog Posts

Have you ever wondered what would make successful bloggers stand out from the rest? You may be overwhelmed by the colossal of social shares, the numerous features on high level blogs and the profit they make. What does make a difference here? Passion.

Even though following practical tips can drive some results, the energy and passion behind your blog would indicate if you succeed or fail with your venture.

I’ve been blessed to appear on blogs like Virgin and Forbes. I even spoke about blogging at prestigious NYU in the past. People often ask me what I did to land such sweet gigs. I explain that I didn’t follow a clever hack or a closely-guarded secret technique. I simply realized blogging is more than just writing blog-posts. Successful bloggers build their campaigns on a solid rock and let their passion lead.

Hard facts

Did you know that 81% of bloggers never make more than $100 from blogging? Yet most bloggers have access to all the successful blogging tips, tricks and techniques to build a rocking blog. Much of this information is free.

I refer to this as the “meal ticket” approach to blogging. You blog primarily to make ends meet for today, and you could care less about blogging with passion.

If you attempt to make a blog your meal ticket, you’ll forever be in a survival mode. You’ll be like a machine: write a post, publish a post, check your metrics, log your blogging income at the end of the day.


My #1 piece of advice to clients and anybody who wants to build a successful blog is, follow your passion! Because blogging is more than just writing blogposts.

Your enthusiasm and passion for what you blog about can be felt by your readers, some of whom might be influential bloggers. And you know what it means when influential bloggers share your article or send you an email about potential collaboration. So, don’t undermine the power of passion to connect with your readers.

As more influencers and readers connect with you, your blogging brand will become a reliable source of information. And high profile businesses will invite you to publish guest posts on their blogs. Meaning, more global exposure and opportunities for you. Potential clients will contact you for your services as they’re familiar with your name. All because you followed your passion.

Fun = reward

Great things will happen when you follow your blogging passion: the fun you have whilst writing your blogposts becomes your reward. Don’t be obsessed over metrics, rankings or heavily focused on blogging profits. Make following your joy your primary objective.

Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk are just a few successful businesspeople who followed their passion. What they’re writing about sounds simple. What they’re saying makes sense. But they make you feel something that very few people on earth can make you feel, and that’s passion.

These guys do what’s fun and delegate all other activities. The superstars of the world follow their joy, serve others and all fruit borne of this process is icing on the cake.

The “icing on the cake” usually grows to millions or even billions of dollars because people like Branson, Tony and Gary Vee never stray from their passion to chase profits, to pursue vanity metrics or to do anything other than what makes them feel happy.

These guys will never sell out because they weren’t in the game to make money in the first place. They follow their passion to change lives and become more influential. Passionate entrepreneurs focus their energy predominantly on giving versus getting. That’s why they make more profit.

Passion can generate you profit

Darren Rowse and Zac Johnson are two blogging icons who I consider as blogging mentors. They have made a sizable income online by following their passion.

By building 300,000 subscribers they generate millions of dollars in online income. Darren and Zac clearly built their empire on a foundation of passion. Neither of the two did stuff just to get by or just to make enough money to survive. They committed to build impressive blogging businesses. Their passion for blogging helped them to make profit.

Develop your blogging passion

Follow a few clear tips to add passionate, attractive, irresistible content to your blog:

  • Have fun; blog about whatever you can talk about all day long
  • Read about passionate bloggers in great detail to observe their habits
  • Don’t blog predominantly for money or showing off
  • Spend at least 20 minutes daily working on your mindset
  • Surround yourself with passionate, fun-loving and generous bloggers
  • Follow the 5 hour rule to cultivate fascination for your niche
  • Take regular breaks from your blogging work to boost your energy and creativity
  • If it’s not your passion, don’t write about it
  • Do an energy audit for your blog every 3-4 months; what you need to add in order to lift up the excitement and energy of your blogposts

Now back at you

Are you having a tough time finding your blogging passion? Or are you having fun when writing your blogposts? What tips would you share with me and all other bloggers out there? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. Start the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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