5 Important Spots to Place Your Opt-In Forms
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5 Important Spots to Place Your Opt-In Forms

Are you ready to increase your business’s mailing list? If so, you need to place your opt-in forms in the places that will be most noticed by visitors to your website. And you don’t want to place them just anywhere – you want to place them in the spots where visitors will be most likely to want to sign up. The following are five places you can incorporate an opt-in form for your mailing list and the benefits of each.

Landing Pages

For starters, you will want a page on your website dedicated to grabbing email sign ups. This is a page where you tell visitors why they should subscribe to your mailing list.


In this example of a landing page created by Unbounce, you get a page dedicated to people who are ready to buy a home. There is one goal to this page – getting someone to submit his or her email address. The page tells you who should sign up (prospective home buyers) and why (because they want a new home on-time, on-budget, and in 99 days). In exchange for this goal completion, the company is offering a free guide.

The benefit of having a landing page devoted to your email list is that you can refer to it anywhere to help build your mailing list. For example, you can use it as the target link for paid advertising on social networks and search. You can also include it in:

  • your email signature,
  • author bio on sites you contribute content to,
  • forum signatures,
  • social profiles,
  • or anywhere else you have an online presence.

If you offer free content like they do in the example, you will increase your number of sign ups drastically. Instead of just asking people to come and sign up for your mailing list, you can market it by saying “Download your free guide to ____ today!”

Free Download Pages

Speaking of free downloads, if you are offering any free content for visitors to download – ebooks, whitepapers, in-depth reports, video tutorials, etc. – then you should have your visitors subscribe to your mailing list in order to receive it.


Most people will happily enter their information in exchange for something they perceive as free valuable content. Best of all, you can use different types of free content to gauge what your subscribers most likely want.

For example, a digital marketing agency can create free ebooks on social media, search optimization, blogging, and other online marketing strategies. Then they can segment their subscribers based on the free content they signed up for and target their promotions accordingly.


If your business has a blog, and your blog design includes a sidebar, then this is the perfect place for another opt-in form. Blog content tends to drive organic search traffic, which turns each of your blog posts into a landing page for your website. As such, you’ll want to optimize each piece of content with your opt-in.


Since visitors coming to your blog are there for content, your best bet is to entice them to sign up for your latest content. This way, each time you publish a new piece of amazing content that your subscribers would enjoy, you can send them an email with that piece of content or a digest of your latest content along with a mention of your current promotion.

Alternatively, if you want to keep mailing list subscribers from your blog content focused only, you can send them blog post links that have strong calls to action within them and updates on other content offerings such as free downloads, webinars, etc.

At the End of Blog Posts

Another great area to convert visitors into subscribers is at the end of your blog content. Once someone has finished reading a great post, they are likely to want to keep up with your upcoming blog updates. Don’t miss out on capturing them when they are most interested!

Headers & Footers

Last, but not least, get signups throughout your website by including a simple opt-in form in your website’s header and footer. This way you catch people where they are most likely to look – in the places where they can discover what content you have on your website.


These are great spots to capture someone’s email list when they are in a hurry and don’t have time to otherwise deep dive into your content. Just be sure to give them a good reason to enter their address and you are set!


While the header may not give you a ton of room to convince people to subscribe, the footer should give you plenty to promote free downloads and discuss the benefits of joining your mailing list.

What other areas do you place your mailing list opt-in form in order to increase signups? Please share in the comments!

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