23 Tips and Tricks to be a superstar blogger
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23 Tips and Tricks to be a superstar blogger

Are you a new-ish blogger looking to attract more eyeballs to your blog?

Or, have you been blogging for a while but you are just about to throw in the towel?

Either way, I am going to give you some super short, ultra practical action tips that you can start implementing today and be on your way to becoming a superstar blogger.

Let’s get into it.

Set up the foundation the right way

#1 Make sure you own all rights to your blog. If you are still stuck in a free wordpress.com or blogspot.com era, change that ASAP and move things over to your own domain. Most readers will not take you seriously because, hey, you are not showing that you are indeed serious.

#2 Pay a great deal of attention to your blog theme. There are hundreds of free themes available to choose from but also look at paid theme options such as StudioPress, Thesis, Woo and Headway. Make a great first impression and a memorable personal brand.

#3 Make your blog user friendly. Remove all clutter from the home page as well as the sidebar. Bring the most important elements into focus such as your opt-in form, freebie offer and your content.

#4 Create an awesome about page. Once you make a great first impression, people would want to know more about you. You have made them curious so now they will go clicking on your about page. Start off by stating what you can do for them. Make the page about them, not about you.

#5 Highlight your brand. Carefully select elements such as header image, professional headshot, typography, colours, your voice and topic choice. Make them feel right at home.

#6 Showcase your testimonials. Add your ‘as seen as’ logos on your sidebar. Place customer testimonials throughout your blog. Feature words of praise by experts in your industry.

#7 Display your best content on the sidebar. Make it super easy for new peeps to discover and enjoy your evergreen stuff.

#8 Offer a great incentive for people to sign up to your list. Speak to your ideal audience and attract only those who are truly interested in hearing from you.

Revamp your content plan

#9 Create an editorial calendar for your blog. It doesn’t have to be complicated, plan out one weekly post for your blog so that you are not talking about the same topics all the time.

#10 Vary the content types. Publish list posts, tell personal stories or talk about a client’s recent success. Create in-depth how-to posts and bite sized ones. Mix it up to keep things interesting.

#11 Create some cornerstone content. This type of content educates new readers about why your blog exists. This consists of introductory and foundational type content. Create blog posts and put them under a Resources of Start here section.

#12 Add social media share buttons to each post. But don’t go overboard. Research shows that if you give people too many choices, they won’t take any action. Which social media sites are you most active on? Ask people to share on those platforms so you can follow up.

#13 Inter-link your content. Link your content to older, relevant content on your blog. Most people would not go looking for your archives so it is good to lead them to it. Also, it makes for good SEO.

#14 Use key words in your headlines and perma-links. You want to appeal to readers and search engines, both.

#15 Master the art of writing great headlines. Your posts will flop if you can’t get your readers to open it. Also great for social media sharing.

#16 Create content on topics your readers want to know about. It doesn’t matter what you feel like writing about, aim to write something that will be useful and appealing to your ideal reader.

#17 Make your posts meaty. Make them fluff free and highly actionable.

#18 Proofread. Get rid of poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up if an occasional typo slips through (you are writing a blog and not a book that can’t be updated before the next edition comes out). Fix and update.

#19 Link to others. Bring other interesting resources to your reader’s attention. Discover hidden gems that nobody’s talking about. Be an expert, linking to other experts.

#20 Make your posts screen friendly. Use short paragraphs and sub-headings. Add bullets, lists, images and lots of white space to make it easy on the eyes.

Get reader engagement and online visibility

#21 Focus on one social media platform at a time. All social media sites are different. Twitter is the platform of choice for content creators and marketers. You will find more lifestyle businesses on Facebook and of course visual brands see great success on Pinterest. Choose one that resonates with you and your brand the most.

#22 Share your posts multiple times. Remember, not all of your followers will see all of your content. You can safely repeat it a few times, just don’t go overboard.

#23 Engage with your audience. Respond to their comments. Interact on social media and send personal emails to your best customers.

That’s it.

Start implementing these tips, be consistent and a little patient, and see the massive results they bring.

I promise!

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