11 Best Editing Tools for Bloggers

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Bloggers have to stick to a strict posting schedule if they want to keep their followers happy and attract new regular visitors at their blogs. However, they cannot publish content just for the sake of offering a new post. Each article has to be perfect; otherwise the comments of the readers will be ruthless. 

There is nothing more disappointing than writing a detailed post that doesn’t hit the mark. How can you stand out from all other bloggers in your niche when you cannot write the content your readers expect? Maybe the problem is not in your writing. Have you ever thought of changing your editing approach? When your posts have enough potential, it is the aspect of editing that makes them appealing for the visitors.

The following 11 tools will help you make the content perfect:

1. StayFocusd

Don’t you just love procrastinating when you get to the editing part? Suddenly, you think that checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would be a wise idea, and then you call a friend and manage to waste hours without getting any work done. Well, StayFocusd will put an end to those excuses. The app will block the distracting websites and remind you that you should get back to work. That’s the right way to save your blog from another unedited post written in a hurry.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is for sure one of the most popular tools out there when it comes to editing. On top of improving your writing, it offers a very clean and intuitive UI. Thanks to that, when you’re starting to write your blog posts in Grammarly, there’s nothing that’ll take your attention from it. One of the many cool features it offers is the plagiarism checker that lets you double-check whether the copy you’re working on is 100% unique.

3. Writer

Writer is a powerful AI-powered editing tool that’ll quickly analyze your blog posts & help you improve them. It looks at all the usual things – typos, grammatical errors, and punctuation. But what makes this tool unique is that it uses AI to understand the context where these ‘errors’ appear. Thanks to that, it recognizes that sometimes grammar rules don’t apply and that’s ok.

4. Byword 2

Byword 2 is a simple, but effective text editing app available for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Thanks to its useful features and keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to write and edit your blog posts more effectively. The documents will be synced on all your devices. The Markdown support enables you to preview your content in the app and then export it in rich text, HTML or PDF or publish it directly to your blog.

5. Cliche Finder

Maybe you are not able to notice all clichés in the post you’ve written, but you can rest assured that your readers are already tired of them. Cliche Finder is an effective editing tool that enables you to clean your content from such issues. The automated software will analyze your writings and locate the clichés that you could get rid of.

6. Word Counter

Word Counter – Don’t be fooled by the name of this tool; it’s not another simple word counter. It will tell you how many characters you’ve written (without counting spaces), but will also warn you when certain words have been used too many times. You can get into more details and see how many words and characters an average sentence has.

7. Hemingway App  

Your readers are not interested in seeing endless sentences that lose the point somewhere along the way. With the help of the Hemingway App, you will make your content bold and clear. Haven’t you ever wished for Hemingway to give you a helping hand? That’s possible with this app. It will tell you which sentences and words could use some simplifying.

8. Frase

Frase is an AI-powered writing and editing tool for producing search engine optimized content. You can use it to get recommendations for which keywords you should include, how long the content should be, and more. It works for writing new content, or editing existing blogs too. If you want your blog articles to rank highly in Google, it’s worth considering Frase and other content writing tools for SEO.

9. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid offers many editing tools in one place. You can use it as an online spelling/grammar checker and plagiarism checker, as well as to improve the readability and paragraph structure, eliminate redundancies and clichés, find overused words and repeated phrases, and more. You don’t need to sign up to get a 100% free analysis of your content.

10. After the Deadline

This tool relies on artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to improve different aspects of your text. After the Deadline will recommend alternative options for misused words and explain why you need to make such change.

11. SynchroEdit

Collaborative writing and editing can help you approach the blogging process from a refreshing point of view – all with SynchroEdit. You can work on a document with another blogger or a friend who wants to join the fun. Instead of sending several drafts and making endless corrections, you can break the barrier and edit the same document in real time.

Editing can be fun when you use the right tools!

Although your blogging schedule can become overwhelming at times, that shouldn’t stop you from making each post perfect. Editing is a diligent process that doesn’t inspire an enthusiastic approach, but the above-listed tools will surely make it more enjoyable and much more effective!

What are some tools that you use? Share with us in the comments below!