20 Quick Content Marketing Tips Every Blogger Should Know
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20 Quick Content Marketing Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Content marketing doesn’t have to be a catch-all phrase for all things corporate or boring. As a small business owner, you can leverage the power of content marketing just by doing things right on your blog. Here are 20 tips to get you started.

  • Follow the 80-20 rule when it comes to creating content on your blog. Publish 20% of the content you create on your own blog and the rest on other sites. This way you can maximize the return on investment and attract as many eyeballs for your content as you can.
  • Quality trumps quantity. High quality content has become the standard – just an entry point. If you want to compete with others, always publish your best content. You don’t have to do it every single day, either. One great piece of content is much better than 10 mediocre ones.
  • Content doesn’t have to be in the written form only. Work your strengths. Go with something you are really good at. For some people that is blog posts, for others it may be video, audio or creating visuals such as info graphics and presentations.
  • Create a simple editorial calendar to keep track of what you need to publish, when and where. A basic one should give you a bird eye’s view of your publish dates, content type (post, video, podcast, webinar, newsletter or updates) and the platform (blog, social media, email etc.) where the content will go.
  • Research what’s hot. Google your keywords to see what everybody is searching for. Stay on top of your industry trending topics and create content around what people are actively on the lookout for.
  • Learn to write benefit laden headlines. It is easy to fall into the trap of writing headlines that are cute, clever or arouse curiosity. Research has shown this time and again that the most effective headlines are those that give you the benefit upfront. So put that benefit into the headline.
  • Let your writing be jargon free. Remember, you are not writing to impress your audience, you are writing so you get through to them. Use their language. Aim to express, and not to impress.
  • Infuse your personality in your content. When you write blog posts, write as if you are writing an email to a close friend. What would you say? How would your words sound on paper? Capture that!
  • Make it snappy. When you are writing for the web, remember you are trying to capture the attention of people who probably have 5 windows open in their browser, listening to some music and trying to clear their inbox – all at the same time. People scan on the web and you need to get to the point fairly quickly if you don’t want to lose readers. Learn the art of being concise.
  • Tell stories. People love stories and stories spread easily. Spend some time creating your own marketing story and publish it on your About page.
  • Publish ever green content. Display it in prominent places on your site such as the side bar or under ‘resources’. People are bound to look there especially when they are new to your site.
  • Beat writer’s block by searching your keywords on Google. You can also join relevant forums to see what people are asking. Other useful places for ideas are All top directory of blogs, Google news and Quora.
  • It is okay to hire other writers to write on your blog if that is what you prefer. Try to do one post yourself occasionally to remain present and show that you care.
  • Keep up with the advances in technology. People don’t consume your content on their computers only – they’ve got their smart phones and tablets to read. Make sure your site is mobile responsive.
  • Allow your blog to grow and evolve. Don’t worry about your old content if your business has changed direction slightly. People rarely go digging through archives (don’t we wish?).
  • Always link back to your site or blog where all the action happens. Have an enticing opt-in offer ready for your first time visitors so you can get them on your email list.
  • Always add a strong call to action to every piece of content you publish. A call to action is when you ask your reader to take a particular action such as leave a comment, sign up to your newsletter, share the post on social media or click through to your sales page. Many seasoned marketers forget to do this, don’t fall in this trap.
  • Consider harnessing the power of user generated content. Add a forum to your site if it built around a popular topic that is a great fodder for discussion naturally.  Examples include food, parenting, technology, cars, health, fashion, money etc.
  • Don’t forget your existing customers when it comes to creating content. Say thank you by giving them something like a free Q&A session, a special report or an ebook. A public mention on social media and they’ll be tickled pink.
  • Always remember that content marketing a long, ongoing process. It doesn’t give you a measurable return on investment right away. You have to stay in the game to leverage the true power of content marketing.

What would you add to this list?

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