15 Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Marketing Automation [Free Ebook]
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15 Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Marketing Automation [Free Ebook]

The modern marketer faces many challenges that old-school marketing predecessors couldn’t begin to understand. The world is noisier than it has ever been – and we have to make our brand stand out to our ideal customers. That means we have to find our ideal customers, in the online space that’s busier than it’s ever been before. And it means we marketers need skill sets we hadn’t needed before.

Now, marketers need to be both creative geniuses, strategic tacticians, and data scientists. All at the same time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. Not without help. Enter digital marketing automation.

Many are now saying that marketing is both an art form and a science. It’s marketing automation that brings the science into marketing.

Digital marketing automation is software to help marketers manage, scale, and analyze their efforts. The main idea is to have the automations within the software take care of the mundane work. To automate things that a computer can do faster. Things like: social media scheduling, email marketing autoresponder sequences, keyword sourcing, basic analytic recording & analysis. Software can handle all these, instead of a person. It handles basic tasks and collects (lots of) data. Data that can:

  • Tell you how you’re doing in relation to your competition.
  • Tell you what kind of content (social, blog, email, etc.) your audience enjoys, finds valuable, and shares with others.
  • Predict when sales should reach out to a lead based on the lead's readiness to convert
  • Help the marketing team focus their creativity and innovative efforts.
  • Prove exactly how marketing efforts are impacting a company’s revenue.

And, of course, act as many sets of hands that don’t need sleep to record statistics, send out emails, tweets & posts, and many other things.

Award-winning blogger, author, and social media influencer Jeff Bullas talks about all this and more in his ebook, “15 Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Marketing Automation.” In this era of “innovate or die” or, worse, be forgotten, Bullas gives readers 15 reasons why digital marketing automation can help businesses innovate, stay front and center in customers’ minds, and prove return on investment.

It’s a must-read for marketers and businesses, big and small. If you're trying to decide if marketing automation is for your business, this ebook is for you. If you're trying to convince your boss that marketing automation is a worthwhile investment, this ebook is for you.

Download your copy of “15 Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Marketing Automation” today.


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