15 Facebook Ads That Worked For Online Businesses And Why

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Are you looking to run Facebook ads in your business? Maybe you have been using the power of Facebook ads for a while but aren’t hitting the numbers you hoped for? I’m here to help. In this blog post, I am going to share with you a bunch of ads which I believe to have gotten great results.

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My criteria for selecting these ads are simple. As a Facebook ad strategist, I have a habit of taking screen shots of ads that appear in my newsfeed and grab my attention. And the ones that do that tend to have these things in common.

  1. A compelling image. If the ad doesn’t have a photo that catches my eye and makes me not only want to stop scrolling but also click on the ad, I think that the creative is lacking.
  2. The targeting. The way I know if I am targeted well is if I am interested in clicking through and finding out more. Many times, I am targeted by people selling something by creating a lookalike audience and that is often the reason for poor targeting, but not always.
  3. I want to be able to know what the ad is about within a few seconds. For that reason, the headline and the text above the image are super important. If any of those don’t grab my attention, I’ll move on.

As an entrepreneur, I am always intrigued by ads for business coaching, online marketing, sales and visibility. And you, the person reading this blog post, are most likely an entrepreneur or a small business owner yourself. I am confident that the ad examples would be relevant to you.

So, based on these three reasons, let’s now go ahead and look at the ads that recently caught my attention.

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#1 Digital Marketer

  1. Nobody does ads like the folks over at Digital Marketer, period.
  2. I don’t particularly like this style of image but who cares what I think (just look at the number of likes and shares this post has received).
  3. Their copy is always spot on. It’s clear, concise and resonates. A clear winner.

#2 Amy Porterfield, Online Entrepreneur

  1. Amy is retargeting me with this ad as I attended her live webinar about creating courses. She is using her photo but has clearly upgraded her look (it’s very exciting for us women).
  2. Straight to the point with her headline.
  3. Her copy starts with a statement that you can’t help but nod your head to. Great ad.

#3 Robin and Mike Pisciotta, Sales funnel specialists

  1. Love the image because of the green filter which stands out in the newsfeed and is also part of their brand. Notice they are using their photo. Now, I have liked their page so it could be that they were targeting their page fans only but still very well done.
  2. Love the headline.
  3. They are not saying ‘Are you a coach’ but qualifying people simply based on the choice of the blog post they are promoting.

#4 Frank Kern, Online Marketer

  1. The old way of doing webinars is dead! Huh, what? Tell me more …
  2. Great image. Shows off Frank’s personality.
  3. You can’t see all of the copy but it is brilliant. He uses teaser bullets that have you salivating for the webinar.

#5 Bill Baren, Sales Coach

  1. I chose this one because the copy is hypnotic. It’s so simple and yet deeply resonates.
  2. The image screams “The yes map” making me want to know more. I’m in.

#6 Sue B. Zimmerman, Instagram Expert

  1. What great copy. She is using a conversational tone of voice and it feels like she is talking directly with you.
  2. The image for me doesn’t stand out that much but the text overlay caught my attention.
  3. Read the text underneath the headline. Doesn’t she sound like your best friend?

#7 Tara Gentile, Online Entrepreneur

  1. For me, the copy on this ad makes it a winner. Start reading it and you’ll see.
  2. Love Tara’s photo and the text overlay. The play on words is fantastic.

#8 Jeff Walker, Launch Expert


We all know Jeff, right? Just notice the social proof on his ad. Need I say more?

#9 Robin and Mike Pisciotta, Funnel experts

  1. Yes, I included two of their ads – that speaks to how good they are when it comes to Facebook ads.
  2. Great image, great copy. Where do I sign up?

#10 Selena Soo, PR Coach

  1. The copy is emotional and touches a nerve with her ideal audience and definitely catches attention.
  2. Curiosity building headline entices people into clicking.

#11 Zach Spuckler, Periscope Expert

  1. A retargeting ad done very well. Notice the copy at the start “You recently …”
  2. Zach is using his photo to connect with a warm audience.
  3. Clear, compelling call to action to join his free training.

#12 Janet Murray, PR Coach

  1. The image is bright and eye catching.
  2. Great headline. Catches my eye as I am interested in getting PR for my business.
  3. Great copy. Notice the words “Without hiring a PR agency or writing a single press release”. I mean, who wants to do that?

#13 Petra Foster, Client Enrolment Strategist

  1. LOVE the image. Eye-catching and different.
  2. The headline is clear and compelling
  3. Love the copy because it alludes to the fact that one can book high paying clients even if they are not “Internet famous”.

#14 Bushra Azhar, Persuasion Strategist

  1. What makes this ad compelling is the image. When was the last time you saw an ad go retro? Brilliant.
  2. The copy is also fantastic. Go on, read it. Who doesn’t want to be remembered?

#15 Matt Roessier, Sales Coach

  1. Matt used this ad to retarget me because I visited his website. Well done!
  2. Love the image with Matt’s photo and text overlay
  3. Clear and concise CTA reminding me to book a call with Matt.

So there you have it. 15 ads to get you inspired and get your creative juices flowing. I have tons more to share but there is no way I could include them all. Maybe a part two in is order? We shall see.

Which of these ads caught your eye? Which one would you definitely click on? Share in the comments below.

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Marya Jan
Marya Jan
Marya Jan is a Facebook Ad Strategist. She works with coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs to build their email lists, fill up their webinars with Facebook ads and generate big profits in their businesses.