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Lead Acquisition

Reach more people, get more leads

Tailor forms to your business

You can easily create custom web forms to match your business needs. They’re ideal for engaging website visitors – and turning them into customers.

Plus, you can use your forms to collect valuable data. Simply choose the information you need to segment your list, and design your web forms to suit.

Land more leads with landing pages

Need to generate leads for your business? Then you’ll want to create high-converting, mobile responsive landing pages.

You can add built-in web forms to capture customer data. With customizable input labels, and custom fields, it’s easy to start nurturing leads the moment they sign up.

And when you embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard, your sales landing pages will really stand out.

You’ll find hundreds of 100% responsive landing page templates designed to amp up your conversions.

Use A/B testing and analytics to get even more conversions. When you track your page insights, you can make small tweaks that will make a big difference to your business. And with SEO tools, you’ll reach the right audience and stand out in the crowded online space.

It’s also possible to connect your landing pages with most analytics and remarketing platforms. So you can easily track and optimize them for the best possible results.

Convert more leads with webinars

When you integrate webinars into your online marketing strategy, you can start collecting new leads and building stronger customer relationships.

Attendees can join your webinars anywhere, on any device – via a mobile app, available on iOS and Android. And they can easily access your webinar room without installing any plug-ins.

You can record your webinars and use the content later in your demand generation strategy.

We’ll keep your webinars secure with SSL-encrypted URLs. You can also choose to have your webinar password-protected, or open to all.

Want to know how your webinar performed? Try webinar reports, which you can create and analyze instantly. You’ll be able to see who showed up, where they came from, how long they stayed, and how they voted in your polls.

You can also track conversion stats with registrant and attendee ratios. Then easily generate detailed PDF reports for your team.

Build a complete lead generation suite

With our open API, you can effortlessly integrate your email marketing with other online tools. And create your own business suite for collecting data, and segmenting and personalizing your campaigns.

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