Grow on Autopilot with Lead Magnet Funnels, with Neal Schaffer

Using lead magnets is a powerful list-building strategy. Not sure how you can use it for your business? Join our webinar with digital marketing expert Neal Schaffer and learn how you can grow your customer base with lead magnet funnels.

Using lead magnets is a powerful list-building strategy. Not sure how you can use it for your business?

During this free webinar digital marketing expert Neal Schaffer showed us:

  • The essential components of captivating lead magnets
  • Best practices for an effective list-building strategy: from landing pages to email automation
  • Tips and tricks on lead generation form an industry-recognized expert
  • The full process of creating and optimizing lead magnet funnels for growing your customer base.

About Neal

Neal Schaffer is a leading authority on helping businesses through their digital transformation of sales and marketing through consulting, training, and development and execution of social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing, and social selling initiatives.

Webinar Q&A

1. What is simple definition of lead magnet?

An incentive to lure people to give you their email address. Here, you can see some lead magnet examples.

2. What types of content are considered to be lead magnets?

Any content that would be considered an incentive to receive is a lead magnet. It is not defined by content type – it is defined by perceived value to a person!

3. Where should I place my lead magnets typically?

Lead magnets are most frequently seen as welcome landing mats, popups (including exit-intent), visual widgets inside or at the end of content, or as separate landing pages.

4. Can I use lead magnets if I don’t have my own website?

Yes if you create a landing page you can host it somewhere else and promote your lead magnet from there. Some landing page providers allow you to create a Facebook Tab to promote your lead magnet so that is another possibility.

5. Where do I place lead magnets if I don’t have my own website?

On a landing page or Facebook tab. At the end of the day you need to have a form for people to input their email address.

6. What kind of information should be collected via lead magnets?

I recommend only collecting first name and email address so that you can begin marketing to the via email and then doing something called progressive profiling to find out more about them over time.

7. What types of businesses can benefit from lead magnets the most?

Really any business can benefit from lead magnets, but I suppose those that generate a higher percentage of sales from their email marketing benefit the most!

8. Please explain exit pop-up forms – is it considered a lead magnet and how does it work?

An exit pop-up form is a type of lead magnet which is a pop-up form you see on a website, but it only appears if the technology believes you are about to leave the website.

9. After people click on my lead magnet, do you recommend implementing double-opt-in subscription?

Double opt-in will result in a higher quality but lower number of subscribers. I do not use double opt-in but this is a policy decision for each company to consider.

10. If I don’t have my own content, what could I possibly use as a lead magnet?

What incentive can you provide? A free phone call? 10% off coupon? Free shipping? There are loads of lead magnets you can provide that don’t rely on you to create content!

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