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The #1 email marketing glossary to get you started

Ever been lost in the digital marketing lingo? Tired of feeling excluded when everyone chats about ESPs, IPs, and AMPP? This is the guide for you! We’ve put together 200+ email marketing terms, tech definitions, and expert practices straight from GR experts and gathered them all in one place to help you do email marketing better!

Why not just Google it?

What separates this glossary from Google’s search results is credibility. Each term you’ll find inside has been collected, explained, and verified by the team of experts working for the company that’s been re-imagining email marketing for over 20 years! So if the term made the final cut, you can rest assured it has a good reason to be there.

What is more, we wouldn’t just throw a bunch of definitions your way and pretend like a job is done. Instead we:

  • clarified whatever needed clarification;
  • asked our in-house experts for best practices on the main topics;
  • addressed some of the most common misconceptions and concerns whenever required;
  • compiled a diverse selection of relevant resources if you want to dive even deeper.

So if you got a little confused about something your boss said during your last team meeting – quickly Googling it would be a better option.

Long story short – we delivered!

But if you want to dig deep and understand email marketing; if you’re writing your next big article (or a LinkedIn post) and don’t want to come across as a newbie; or if you will be working with people fluent in email marketing slang – this glossary’s your new best friend!

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  • Pages: 57
  • Chapters: 12
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