7 Habits of Successful Affiliates

GetResponse Affiliates

1. They ensure their websites, channels, and content are optimized for search engines, page speed, readability, E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), freshness, and other critical ranking factors. 

2. They do keyword research, assess search rankings, and review website analytics to uncover content gaps and opportunities. 

3. They create high-quality and insightful content their audiences will love. For written content, they consider grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc. For video content, they consider storytelling, editing, production quality, visuals, audio, etc. 

4. They deep link to specific GetResponse pages to increase content relevance and conversions. 

5. They experiment and evolve by using different strategies and techniques. 

6. They review their competitors for ideas and best practices. 

7. They put themselves in the user’s shoes to provide a high-converting content experience. 

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