GetResponse for Travel Agencies

Since technology has created a revolution in tourism, traditional marketing is no longer enough to keep
a travel business running. The elements that build your brand reputation are online access to travel
news, highly targeted vacation offers, direct contact with customers, and credibility. Find out how you
can achieve this with GetResponse email marketing and build a list of loyal travelers today.

Capture new vacationers.

Make sure the vacation season is hot for your business.

  • Create distinct automation campaigns targeted at adventure-seekers and those who prefer to relax on the beach.
  • Use templates to create spectacular landing pages with pictures and videos of destinations, hotel accommodations, and beautiful landscapes.
  • Let your audience share information about special travel offers and vacation packages via social media channels.
  • Assign scoring points based on your readers’ curiosity and find those who are willing to travel before they even realize it themselves.
  • Perfect your look with the drag-and-drop editor and show your customers what they are paying for.
  • Assign location-specific custom fields and target your workflows based on locales.
  • Track activity on your website and learn what offers are getting the most attention. Then follow-up with relevant email communication, based on sites your contacts visit.
Capture new vacationers.

Establish yourself as a vacation expert.

Be a first-hand source of travel and tourism news.

  • Create webinars, share video tips and guides, vacation ideas, and travel destinations and send your contacts the most popular posts every week.
  • Send periodic emails with vacation trends, popular destinations, travel restrictions and important landmarks.
  • Create education-based automation workflows and send helpful travel tips to new contacts.
  • Share video tips and guides with smart ways to save money on flights and excursions.
  • Create landing pages with individual customer travel stories and testimonials or video messages from travel bloggers, tour guides, and trip counselors.
Establish yourself as a vacation expert.

Encourage tourists to come back.

Help your customers remember your brand the next time they plan a vacation.

  • Send limited-time special deals, tips for getting big discounts, and best ways to travel light.
  • Offer daily up-to-date weather forecasts throughout the entire vacation season.
  • Prepare and share regular reports about popular locations, peak travel times, and latest travel trends.
  • Assign scores to your most loyal customers and reward them with exclusive discounts, or additional holiday perks.
  • Create re-engagement campaign workflows and work to reactivate past customers with deals and helpful travel information.
  • Have an ecommerce element on your travel website? Track abandoned orders and entice customers to complete their orders.
Encourage tourists to come back.

“GetResponse has the tools we need for our online retail business. I like the different forms and tools that GetResponse has. Especially the autoresponders, email pop-ups, and the exit pop-up. These help us to gather new clients and retain current clients.”

Gerald Morrison,

Build a trusted brand.

Keep your customers well informed before, during, and, after their vacation.

  • Publish important information about safety precautions, vaccinations, and cultural and political concerns.
  • Send automatic booking confirmation and flight reminders just before the trip.
  • Create alerts about price increases, traffic jams and hotel room limits.
  • Build online surveys to find out whether accommodations, food, and local attractions meet the standards of your customers.
  • Create automation workflows based on survey response custom fields and surprise respondents with impressively custom offers.
  • Track website activity and optimize content based on visitor activity.
Build a trusted brand.

Give your email personality.

Find out more about subscriber travel habits and send only targeted messages.

  • Get to know whether your travelers prefer luxury accommodations or farm tourism and send them only highly relevant, tailored offers.
  • Assign tags and segment your audience according to past behavior and preferences, favorite leisure activities, and preferred weather conditions.
  • Prepare adventure activities for families, romantic cruises for couples, and seaside vacations for seniors – all depending on their individual preferences.
  • Give access to your team members so they can manage their campaigns individually.
Give your email personality.

Reach travelers all around the world.

Whether it’s north or south – now you can take care of your clients anytime, anywhere.

  • Catch your customers while they’re on the go and make sure your message fits the screen of every desktop and mobile device.
  • Manage global campaigns in local languages and control delivery by time zone.
  • View real-time responses by continent, country, and city and bring a hometown feel to multiple locations.
Reach travelers all around the world.

Keep an eye on metrics.

Boost your results regardless of the economic downturn.

  • Test your message before sending to find out which locations, pictures or offers stimulate the most interest.
  • Control your results with unlimited reports, at-a-glance charts, graphs, and analytics.
  • Measure the number of tweets, likes, and connections and consolidate your contacts to manage them all from one platform.
Keep an eye on metrics.

Add the power of GetResponse
to your travel agency.

Your holiday travelers will love the incredible campaigns you create using
GetResponse. Find out how GetResponse can drive sales in your business.