How to livestream my webinars on Facebook and Youtube?

You can livestream your webinar on Youtube and Facebook. To start the streaming, follow the below steps:

Join your webinar room as presenter > Click on the Stream on Facebook & Youtube button on the toolbar on the right hand side.

Stream button

Right now, select the platform and proceed according to the below steps:


  1. Log in to your Facebook profile and click Live Video. Give permissions.
  2. From Connect tab, copy the server URL and Stream Key.
  3. Go to your webinar room and paste it into this window:
    Server URL
  4. Click the “GO LIVE” button below.
    Go live button
  5. Go to Facebook Connect Tab and click the “GO LIVE” button there.


  1. Before you start, go through the YouTube Creator Studio verification process.
  2. From the Creator Studio menu, choose “Live Streaming” and click “Stream Now”.
  3. Scroll down to the Encoder Setup and copy the Server URL and Stream Name/Key and paste it in this window:
    Server key
  4. Click the “GO LIVE” button below.
    Go live button