How to add a promo code to my emails? Video

It is possible to add a promo code to the message created in the new email editor. To do that you need to create them first. Here you can learn how to do that.

If you have a Shopify integration with discount codes created in Shopify you can choose a code from a list of codes in Shopify. You can learn more about it here.

How to add a promo code to the message?

To add a promo code to the message:

  1. Open the message editor.
  2. Under Ecommerce find the Promo code element.

    Promo code element.
  3. Drag it into the canvas of your message. The promo code will create a new section where the code will be displayed.

    Promo code inside the editor.
  4. After adding the block, select previously created code. You can also click Add another promo code – which opens the Promo codes editor.

    Promo code selection.

Note: The code field has all available editing options:

  • text style,
  • border,
  • code color,
  • code size,
  • padding,
  • block background color.