Does my legacy landing page come with a thank-you page?

A thank-you page is what your subscriber sees when they fill out the form. It’s a good idea to design it with as much care and attention as the main page to make your subscriber feel appreciated. It’s also a great place to add links to your lead magnets, such as ebooks or training videos. This way they will only become accessible as a reward when someone fills out the opt-in form.

Most of our landing page templates come with their own default thank-you pages. Its design matches the design of the template. You can edit it inside the Landing Page Editor by clicking the Thank-you page tab. The thank-you page editor comes with the same editing tools as the main landing page. Forms and webinars are an exception and can only be added to the main landing page.

Can I set my own thank-you page?

If you’d rather use your own page as a thank-you page, you can do that in the landing page settings.

  1. Click Next step in the Landing Page Editor.
    Next step button in the landing page editor
  2. Scroll down to Subscription settings.
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to the Thank-you page section.
  4. Click Custom.
    Thank you page setting in the landing page editor
  5. Enter the URL of the page you want to use.
    Thank you page example URL
  6. Confirm your settings by clicking Save or Publish. You’re done!