Educating the Audience & Getting More Sales

GetResponse, for me, is very important for the success of my work – and for me to gain more customers.

Manuel Flaugnacco
Vendere Energia, Consulting Agency

The connected GetResponse universe 

It is one of the greatest platforms because you can manage everything from one place. It’s not as expensive as other platforms, and it helps you increase sales and keep in touch with your customers – and these, for marketers, are the most important things.

Manuel Flaugnacco

Manuel Flaugnacco is a marketing consultant for an established marketing company in Italy. Manuel has been a professional salesperson for three years before he began specializing in marketing, primarily for the utility industry. He’s responsible for gaining new clients, engaging with existing clients, and improving customer relations to improve sales and increase profits. As a marketing expert, he works in sales and marketing management – a field that GetResponse itself specializes in.

Manuel was in search of a platform that could collect and store customer data for him and allow to run different marketing activities online. That’s when he was recommended GetResponse. He compared GetResponse with its competitors, and found that it was not only more affordable but it also had better and more integrated features. After in-depth research, he found that GetResponse was the best fit for him.

I started to use GetResponse just to keep data inside a list and keep in touch with my clients. But over time, I started to use it for every feature.

Manuel Flaugnacco

While Manuel started using GetResponse simply to store data and maintain a list, he soon grew to learn, use, and love several other tools in the GetResponse universe. He now uses features like autoresponders, sales funnels, lead magnets, webinars, and more.  

I love GetResponse because everything you can ever need is inside one platform!

Manuel Flaugnacco

Marketing for marketers

While Manuel started using GetResponse for email marketing, webinars soon became his favorite feature. He loves how he can host unlimited webinars for up to 500 attendees. He uses the webinar builder to create niche webinars and automation to schedule them at predetermined times. Automation enables Manuel to send invites and reminders to his audience, quickly and easily. They are also very helpful in collecting new leads and converting sales.

My favorite feature is webinars because it’s integrated, easy-to-use, and I easily can build connections with my customers. It’s just great!

Manuel Flaugnacco

Besides webinars, Manuel employs email marketing tools to engage with his audience and grow his reach. Tools like ready-made templates, code-free editors, and autoresponders, have helped Manuel increase conversions and sales that have, in turn, translated to more profits. Manuel also employs list management tools to collect, store and segregate customer data into separate lists for targeted marketing. From newsletters about his blog to promotions of his books, Manuel has used email marketing for various aspects of his business.

He also uses autoresponders to schedule welcome, nurture, and follow-up emails and engage with his audience. 

Once I grew to use other features, I could do webinars, send emails, and sell my books to my customers… I can keep in touch with my customers and sell my other products and services to them using GetResponse.

Manuel Flaugnacco

Manuel explains how easy it is to use sales funnels and lead magnets. He wanted to sell his book online but it wasn’t logistically or financially practical to start an entire ecommerce website for a few books. GetResponse was a game-changer for him. Manuel used promotional funnels and lead magnets, and integrated them with email marketing to sell his book online. He successfully made it, without needing to spend time or money on creating a coded website.

GetResponse solved my problem and I was able to achieve sales online, without even making a website.

Manuel Flaugnacco

Getting it all in one platform

GetResponse is a platform that can help a consultant, marketer, entrepreneur, and just any business get one step closer to success. GetResponse has a vast selection of features to meet every marketing need. Beyond its easy and efficient features, GetResponse is praised for its educational resources and helpful customer support.

GetResponse helps me save a lot of time.

Manuel Flaugnacco

For Manuel, GetResponse has helped sell his books online, without a need for an ecommerce site. This has saved him lots of money, time, and energy. He also appreciates how easily GetResponse integrates with external apps and tools.

I don’t need to do research about and integrate across different platforms. It’s easy to track sales and customer engagement, and see what is happening, all in one place.

Manuel Flaugnacco

Most of all, Manuel expresses how his love for GetResponse is not because of one specific feature but rather because of how well-integrated the platform is and how all the features are available in one platform.

I would probably miss webinars the most, but maybe just everything. I love GetResponse so much because of the fact that it is an all-in-one platform. It’s all in one place, and it’s easy to manage.

Manuel Flaugnacco

Tools used to get results

  • Autoresponders – Introduce, follow-up, communicate and connect with your audience automatically. Setting up prescheduled and sequenced emails on a particular time saves time and energy, and results in high open rates.

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • Sales Funnel – Promote and sell your products with a ready-made, ready-to-go, sales funnels. From generating traffic, nurturing new signups, and converting them into paying customers – everything is set up for you.

  • Webinars – Host unlimited webinars for up to 1,000 live attendees, share the stage with two or more presenters and automate sending your reminders and freebies.

Benefits for customers

  • Complete online marketing solution

    A multifunction solution that seamlessly combines several tools in one platform to save you time and achieve your goals.

  • Convert to sales

    Send targeted emails thanks to effective segmenting and personalization. Utilize landing pages with lead magnets and sales funnels to stay relevant and engage your audience.

  • Easy to use

    An intuitive interface that is simple, easy to learn, and comes with 24/7 support.

  • TIme-saving

    Spend valuable time and resources on core aspects of your business by automating emails, campaigns and simplifying online marketing.

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