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You have all of the tools, a lot of support, and a lot of tutorials to use. GetResponse also has an exceptionally good delivery rate and a very good service."

Gabriel Ursan,
Marketing Manager, aBeauty Clinique

The better choice

Gabriel Ursan works with aBeauty, the biggest chain of eye aesthetics and beauty clinics in Romania. His company has seven beauty clinics across the country and is launching two new clinics.

The company began using GetResponse in 2013, and Gabriel soon became one of the biggest fans of the platform. Today, he is also an affiliate partner with GetResponse. Gabriel also owns a small marketing agency and runs a personal blog on digital technology. For marketing business, he began working with MailChimp but, unimpressed with their service, moved back to GetResponse.

I have personally worked with MailChimp. But after a brief period, I came back to GetResponse, because I know GetResponse better, I like GetResponse better, and the GetResponse pricing is better, fairer, and more transparent – and just clearer.

Gabriel Ursan

Gabriel insists that GetResponse and its extensive range of features make it easy to access, use, and integrate different tools on one platform, thus saving time, effort, and money.

I also like that you can do a lot of things with GetResponse, it’s like an all-in-one marketing platform.

Gabriel Ursan

A fully integrated service

Gabriel found that with GetResponse he can use a variety of marketing tools from one platform. He can set up, run, and manage all his online marketing through one integrated and intuitive service. GetResponse offers Gabriel multifunctional features at competitive pricing.

I chose GetResponse because it’s easy to use, even for people that don’t know about email marketing. Also, the pricing is fair for what it offers, as compared to other email providers.

Gabriel Ursan

Gabriel relies heavily on GetResponse to market his businesses. He uses features like landing pages, forms, pop-ups, live chat windows, and predesigned templates with drag-and-drop functionality on his websites. By adding easy-to-use built-in forms, Gabriel can collect emails and easily export his customer data to be stored in GetResponse.

On our website, we have GetResponse integration, and we synchronize all the online customers with our GetResponse account. We have a pop-up with the GetResponse newsletter subscribe form, and we have the emails of all our customers and potential customers, lists, in our GetResponse account.

Gabriel Ursan

Gabriel likes that if he has a new idea, he can execute it without any downtime. Using GetResponse’s ready-made templates, he doesn’t always need to spend time building pages from scratch.

Email marketing solutions

Gabriel extensively utilizes email marketing tools like email creator, autoresponders, list management, and email analytics to attract new subscribers, and grow his audience, nurture his list and increase sales conversions.

I must admit I have tried to create templates on other platforms – but in GetResponse it was far easier to use fonts other than standard web fonts.

Gabriel Ursan

Gabriel explains how GetResponse saves him ample time by letting him save designs for reuse and store his preferred colors, fonts, and layouts. He easily and quickly creates new newsletters by simply changing the text and visuals on old ones.

I save a lot of time because of the email templates. When creating emails, I don’t spend more than 30 minutes building a campaign and sending it out on GetResponse!

Gabriel Ursan

Gabriel can control who receives his newsletters by managing separate email lists in GetResponse. Since his beauty clinic business offers personalized services and product recommendations, the ability to maintain and manage different lists has been game-changing for him.

Autoresponders are another time-saving feature for Gabriel. He schedules automatic welcome and follow-up emails for new subscribers. Moreover, he can preschedule and sequence email marketing campaigns when his company changes promotions on the website.

It is very important to keep this service good and clean. It is the most important thing to have good delivery rates and good standards, only then will the emails go into my customers’ inboxes.

Gabriel Ursan

Because of the GetResponse interface, Gabriel can live chat with his audience, update his website (inventory) in real-time, and do other tasks easily and smoothly.

I am a big fan of GetResponse, and this was the reason that I wanted to give my time for this review. I would recommend every marketer use GetResponse because they have created features so that you can create great stories.

Gabriel Ursan

Tools used to get results

  • Autoresponders – Introduce, follow-up, communicate and connect with your audience automatically. Setting up prescheduled and sequenced emails on a particular time saves time and energy, and results in high open rates.

  • Facebook Ads – Set up and run Facebook and Instagram ads directly on one platform through easy and effective one-click integration.

  • Predesigned Templates – Choose from an endless collection of ready-made templates that are professionally designed by marketing experts, available for every marketing goal.

  • Signup Forms – Use pre-made templates or create your own forms to collect customer data. Turn data into personalized experiences. You can integrate them with other platforms like Facebook, WordPress, etc.

Benefits for customers

  • Affordable

    Simple, competitive pricing without purchasing add-ons for full functionality. With no hidden costs and advanced features, GetResponse is truly value for money!

  • Complete online marketing solution

    A multifunction solution that seamlessly combines several tools in one platform to save you time and achieve your goals.

  • Consistency

    Using complete set of marketing tools guarantees consistency. Emails that are scheduled are also sent at the predetermined date and time such as a registration time, deadline, or event.

  • Easy to use

    An intuitive interface that is simple, easy to learn, and comes with 24/7 support.

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