Scaling a Business with Online Marketing

I cannot run my company without GetResponse.” 

Alexander Gagalnas
Sales and Business Coach

Comparing competitors 

Alexander Gagalnas is a sales and business coach, who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs scale their business, make more sales, and win more clients. Alexander joined GetResponse over a year ago after he watched a tutorial by a trusted coach. Gagalnas diligently did his research with other companies before sticking with GetResponse.

After buying GetResponse and having some experience, I did my research to confirm that I have made the best buy. Believe me, I don’t think there is a better platform than GetResponse. So, if something happens and you don’t support me, then I would have to compromise with someone less than GetResponse.

Alexander Gagalnas

Offering problemsolving options

Alexander offers his services and coaching online. However, he was having trouble finding new clients and companies. He was looking for a platform to make marketing funnels and other tools that would best fit his business. This is when he found that GetResponse could not only solve all his problems but also offer different marketing options, all at once.

I saw a GetResponse video and was very excited with the visualization of the funnels and the simplicity of the program. So, I tried it, and since then I have just been very fond of it. I now teach my clients how to use GetResponse because I am so very fond of it.

Alexander Gagalnas

As an affiliate partner, Alexander now recommends and teaches his clients to use GetResponse. He says, “I have involved GetResponse in my training. So, when someone wants to learn how to use email marketing, I teach them how to use GetResponse.”

Alexander finds GetResponse is easy-to-use and consists of unique features and current ideas. With trial and persistence, he was able to learn the platform to benefit his business. In his year with GetResponse, he is impressed that he has never faced any issues or downtime on the platform.

If someone takes one month working and experimenting on the platform, it’s very easy to adapt and learn all the features and make it work for them.

Alexander Gagalnas

Three things he loves

I believe email marketing is the number one way to win clients and to have the reputation and communication you need to earn the clients.

Alexander Gagalnas

Alexander uses GetResponse primarily for email marketing. His three most used and loved features are landing pages, autoresponders, and the email creator.

Firstly, I love the landing pages. It’s fully customizable and you can do whatever you want!

Alexander Gagalnas

With the landing pages, Alexander can choose from a vast library of professional predesigned templates. He can not only customize these templates using the drag-and-drop editor, but also make unique creative pages from scratch. He also adds lead magnets, sales funnels, popups, and other features depending on his specific target audience and goals.

And of course, as a second, the autoresponders … because when someone subscribes you must have an autoresponder or autoresponder sequence.

Alexander Gagalnas

With email marketing, consistency and relevancy are key. GetResponse autoresponders help Alexander stay consistent without looking too spammy. He can schedule emails to be sent at specific times or predefined events. He can also sequence follow-up emails to be sent at the right time to nurture his email list, for more opens and to increase conversions.

And thirdly, with the newsletters, I know what – and when – to send in the newsletter.

Alexander Gagalnas

While autoresponders ease the tedious and time-consuming aspect of sending newsletters and emails, GetResponse offers resources to teach you what to put in your emails to make them engaging. The email creator lets Alexander choose from ready-made templates designed to result in higher conversions. Alexander can edit, save, and reuse his newsletter templates in the future, saving him time and energy.

Innovative solutions and impeccable support

I try to think of something, but you are always one step ahead. For example, lately, you put the chat boxes into the landing pages.

Alexander Gagalnas

Gagalnas claims before he can think of a new way to market his business or a new feature he could use, GetResponse already offers it. Moreover, Alexander finds GetResponse customer support to be excellent.

I try to think of something, but you are always one step ahead. For example, lately, you put the chat boxes into the landing pages.

Alexander Gagalnas

Tools used to get results

  • Autoresponders – Introduce, follow-up, communicate and connect with your audience automatically. Setting up prescheduled and sequenced emails on a particular time saves time and energy, and results in high open rates.

  • Complete Marketing Solution – Grow your audience list, engage with your customers and sell - in the same integrated platform.

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • Landing Pages – Take advantage of a vast catalog of over 200 fully-customized landing page templates with intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can SEO optimize the page and analyze its performance. Run A/B tests on multiple versions of the same page to know what works.

Benefits for customers

  • 24/7 customer support

    Ask a question or solve an issue at any time via the 24-hour live chat available in eight languages.

  • Reliability

    No downtime. Autoresponders, templates or scheduling features ensure you are continuously and consistently engaging with your audience.

  • TIme-saving

    Spend valuable time and resources on core aspects of your business by automating emails, campaigns and simplifying online marketing.

  • User-friendly

    With hundreds of ready-made templates, easy access UI, built-in APIs, drag-and-drop functionality, and more, GetResponse offers ergonomic convenience.

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