Webinar Recording: Email Testing and Optimization 101


Every time we introduce a new feature, we want to make sure you understand how to obtain the best possible results. That’s why Mack Gorski, GetResponse Education Expert, ran a free webinar on email testing and optimization. If you missed it, don’t worry — just click the post, watch the video, and learn all about A/B Testing!



In the webinar, Mack explains how to get started with email testing. He outlines simple tips on performing tests that are effective for optimizing your campaigns. Master them, and you’ll start seeing best-possible results.


Why bother with A/B Testing

If you’re not testing your emails, you’re letting a huge opportunity slip away. Just check out these numbers. Of marketers who use A/B Testing, 74% say they get excellent results. Of marketers who don’t test their emails, only 37% say their ROI is positive.


How A/B Testing improves campaign performance

A/B Testing can help you increase deliverability, boost open and click rates, grow your ROI, and enhance your customer relationships. So much to gain and nothing to lose — and useful knowledge is just around the corner!


Here’s what you’ll learn

First you’ll learn the 5 basic rules of A/B Testing. Mack discusses the elements that can strengthen the impact of your message: subject line, pre-header, call-to-action, from field, delivery time.


Includes system demo

The webinar concludes with a walk-through of the new GetResponse A/B Testing feature. You’ll see exactly how to start the test, what types of tests to choose from, how to set them up, and how to interpret the test statistics.

Take a look at the video then get started optimizing! We’re really grateful for all your comments.


If you’ve tried out our new A/B Testing feature, you have a chance to win the cool GetResponse T-shirt for feedback! Click this link and leave a comment to take part in the competition!

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