How to Sell Through Email [Infographic]
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How to Sell Through Email [Infographic]

If you think that email is an obsolete form of promotion and won’t bring you any benefit, especially financial – let me tell you just two words: you’re wrong. 



Emails might have been around for a longer time than many new forms of on-line marketing, once you have a closer look at its specifics – you will make sure that to sell through email means to sell your best.


Business emails? All around!

This infographic tells you basic facts about email sales and the opportunities email gives you for any business that decides to sell through email. When you think of 929 million email accounts run by businesses, it looks like you can’t be wrong setting up your own. But beware – there’s a huge flow of newsletters: over 100 billion daily. It’s a real challenge do stand out of this crowd. Luckily, there are easy and effective ways, all uncovered below.


Sell through email with right timing

The first thing you need to know is when and how often to send emails. The infographic shows:

  • the best day of the week to sell through email (generating the highest revenue),
  • the optimal frequency of newsletters to increase open rate and raise your chance of customer’s proper response,
  • the amount of time it takes for the whole sales process, from opening the email to making the very purchase.


Of course, the numbers we give are quite versatile, but feel free to test the best email timing for your business – we’re curious about the results you get!


Creating a successful promotion

Next step to sell through email and obtain better results is to design a newsletter that encourages subscribers to interact and instruct them to perform a specific action. Think about the look and copy of your email:

  • find out what your audience is like and what they buy from you,
  • prepare the communication according to what you know about the audience,
  • pay attention to such details as email subject and call to action,
  • make the promotion unique by using different marketing techniques.


Now, find out more from the infographic and sell more than you’ve ever expected!

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