GetResponse Supports Local Health Care in The Fight Against COVID-19

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The last few weeks turned the world as we know it upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic affects our health, our businesses, our everyday life and the world’s economy. We have to face something completely new and find a way forward in a situation our society has never experienced before. And we need to stand together, because only then can we see the results we’re all waiting for. We’re all in this together.

We’re on the same team. No exceptions.

Every one of us plays a huge role in what the world will look like in the next few months and how quickly we can go back to normal.

Doctors, nurses, and uniformed services — they’re on the frontline of the war with the virus. They’re the ones fighting the dangerous enemy, fighting for our health, and a lot of the time — for our lives. They’re asking us to stay home (#stayhome – everyone knows this) and not hide facts from the health services. Let’s all comply and listen to their plea — everyone’s health is at stake here.

“It’s our duty to support the fight against COVID-19 all the way, however we can. Hospitals are still short on ventilators, and they’re our last line of defense.”

– says GetResponse Founder and CEO Simon Grabowski, who donated PLN 200,000 to the local health institutions to buy equipment including:

  • Three ventilators
  • Contactless thermometers
  • Medical helmets

The equipment will go to the University Clinical Center in Gdansk, Poland. We also actively take part in research leading to the mass production of laser-cut medical helmets.

University Clinical Center in Gdansk
University Clinical Center in Gdansk
Source:, photo: Sylwia Mierzewska, UCK

Ventilators are our last line of defense.

  1. There’s not enough ventilators in hospitals. We don’t know how many people will need them. Doctors saving people’s lives might not be able to access them — and we can’t allow that to happen. It’s the last line of defense against the negative effects of the infection. We need them.
  2. Thermometers are the most used tool during the first contact with a potentially infected patient. According to WHO, 90% of people diagnosed with the coronavirus have a fever. Medical staff need to have sufficient tools to diagnose patients.
  3. Helmets protect people. The lack of face masks makes it impossible for doctors, nurses and paramedics to protect themselves from infection. Buying protective gear and stocking up on equipment is necessary to prepare our medical facilities for the growing number of infected patients in the coming days.

Our company is based in the Tricity of Poland (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia) and has been for the past 20 years. Employing over 300 people here, we feel connected as an important part of the local ecosystem, so we want to support the local community in this dramatic struggle

It’s our duty. We also plead with all the entrepreneurs who are in good financial condition to support the fight against the pandemic and help us all go back to normal.

Simon Grabowski

GetResponse joins the “We’re in this together. We’re helping” initiative in Poland.

We’ve joined the “We’re in this together. We’re helping” initiative. Its goal is to integrate entrepreneurs in the fight against COVID-19. Initiated by Drutex, it now includes companies like LPP, 4F, CCC, EKO-COLOR or Dr.Irena Eris.

Simon Grabowski

In the coming days, we’ll support the fundraiser to buy face masks, disposable gloves and overalls for medical facilities across Poland.  

We work remotely. #StayHome

GetResponse is an online marketing platform offering tools to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach their customers. We’re seeing a huge demand for remote meetings with employees and clients, so we focus on educating our customers. Webinars are currently one of the most popular solutions for entrepreneurs – they let people communicate online with teams and customers using video. Now that we work remotely, we use them ourselves.

We’re looking closely at the current situation as it unfolds. To protect our team as much as we can, we decided to take our office 100% remote on March 12. Everyone has all the equipment they need to work. And because we’re using the right tools, remote work and communication are really effective.

Simon Grabowski

We have no idea how long the pandemic will affect health, business, travel, work and education. So, it’s all the more important to make rational decisions while helping and supporting each other. Remember — #stayhome.

Ada Durzyńska
Ada Durzyńska
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